Earn Money By Sharing Your Unused Internet Connection With Honeygain!

By Yotingo | Yotingo's Finds | 25 Mar 2022


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There are now many ways to earn money online. But did you know that you can make passive money by doing almost nothing. With Honeygain, you can earn money just by sharing your internet connection. The app lets you earn cryptocurrency to share your unused internet. No matter where you live, Honeygain offers the same earning rates to all users, worldwide!

Honeygain only works with well-known and respectable companies. They approve each use case individually and monitor all customer activity throughout the entire partnership. This means that customers cannot harm the network in any way and Honeygain systems are well known for having high security standards. Their team strives to build the best residential proxy network in the world.

What is your internet connection used for?

Once you start using Honeygain, your devices act as observation towers and help world-renowned companies access the World Wide Web without having to worry about location-based restrictions or censorship. The best part is that you don't just play a part in making tomorrow's digital better - you get paid real money for it too!

Most cases of uses:

  • SEO + Business Intelligence
  • Brand Protection
  • Ad Verification
  • App Testing
  • Content Delivery
  • Price Comparison

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You Have Control Over Your Gains!

The app starts sharing your internet connection when you allow it to start and stops any activity when you want it to. Users have full control over their account and internet sharing. Honeygain will never share internet without your consent and you can see detailed usage in your profile. Your earnings are estimated based on the amount of GB of traffic you share with the Honeygain's network. The more you share, the more you earn!


No Personal Data Used

With Honeygain, you only share your Internet connection. The system does not have access to your personal data. You only need an email address to register, and the data needed for payments is collected through their trusted partner Tipalti, Inc.

Honeygain only uses your internet connection – your personal data remains intact. The Honeygain team has designed their business model to require as few personal details as possible. You only need an email address to register, and the data needed for payments is collected through our trusted partner Tipalti, Inc.


Honeygain respects your data & privacy

Respect for privacy and data security is essential! Your internet traffic is only used by trusted Honeygain partners, and the app never requests or obtains access to your device storage. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an independent expert in data protection and user security.

They monitor business customers making sure they have legitimate use cases that won't harm users. The Honeygain Anti-Cheat (HAC) system identifies all attempts to manipulate or abuse the system by automatically and regularly checking user accounts and statistics.


How is your revenue calculated?

Provider's revenue is calculated monthly and based on the average number of concurrent IP addresses connected to the Swarmbytes network each month (MACIP). At a more granular level, MACIP is a derivative of the average number of daily concurrent IP addresses, called DACIP. Honeygain does not require IP allocations. You can monetize used and unused prefixes. Connect more devices to earn more money every month!



Monetize your IP and bandwidth

If you manage an ISP or mobile IP blocks, you can easily create a steady additional revenue stream on Honeygain by sharing your network resources with the Honeygain Web Intelligence Network. You will be in good company! Over 130 ISPs are generating additional revenue every month with the Swarmbytes feature.

ds worldwide


There are 1000+ ways to spend your Honeygain rewards. Pick a payout method you prefer (PayPal or BTC), and enjoy receiving the cash you earned effortlessly.

Most popular rewards purchased

  • Free PayPal Money Earn Bitcoin
  • Free Gaming Free Xbox Live
  • Free-in-game-currency
  • Free Game Skins Twitch Prime
  • Free-subscription Covered
  • Monthly Subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime,
  • Spotify Premium, Youtube Premium and more


Some quick numbers

250,000+ Users surveyed on Honeygain performance

150+ Countries covered

30% Monthly user base growth rate

$26.58 Average size of a single payout  


Ready to make sweet money?

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Honeygain - Earn crypto passive income with your unused bandwidth !


Please note that I am not a Financial Adviser, and these are not professional advices. Always do your own research before investing or before buying anything online! DYOR!

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