Common scams seen in the Chinese community recently

By yongyi | Things experienced | 16 Nov 2021

This is an anti-fraud guide


Because of the anonymity of blockchain technology, it is difficult to retrieve assets when they are stolen. Therefore, many fraudsters try all kinds of methods to defraud people's assets.

Since the announcement of the withdrawal of Huobi on September 24, some people were ready to move. They repeatedly pretended to ask some low-intellectual questions in the major exchange groups (Huobi withdrawal, what to do), some of them may be Really noob, but most people's purpose is not pure, just to create panic. The purpose is very simple, guide you to play their platform, whether it is an exchange, a well-known wallet, a well-known fund.

So where did the theft happen? Targeted APP:

Bats: Gray-producing little white and more

Tudou: There are more pornography, because pornography is not blocked

Facebook: There are more overseas Chinese

Twitter: Foreign Weibo, people in the currency circle are paying attention to Musk

QQ: Gods from all walks of life gather on QQ

Post it: search fund disk, bitcoin, blockchain, and other forums

Douban: Search for keywords in the currency circle, investment, bitcoin, blockchain

Weibo: Weibo big V private group, Weibo super chat discussion, all play currency

Wechat: Wechat’s major currency communities, crazy add groups and friends, show off their wealth in the circle of friends!

Then what are the common routines of scammers?

First: buy and sell usdt, and often under the banner of high prices to receive u;

Second:Free airdrop, this kind of basic wording is that your u is in your wallet, which is very safe, but they will find ways to get your wallet authorization.For example, hold u for mining and get jst tokens, sun tokens or other.

Third: Fake wallet, known as the international version or multi-node mining. After you import it, it will prompt you that the mnemonic is wrong. In fact, it is reconfirmation, fake im wallet, fake tp wallet, fake metamask wallet.

Fourth: Send a fake message or call you, pretending to be an exchange official to send you a text message, saying that your exchange account is abnormal, or that you want to clear it, and let you withdraw coins to your wallet.

Fifth: Running points, you transfer money as an intermediate link and increase the circulation link, which is money laundering. In this process, you need to transfer money, the transfer will be authorized, and your wallet will be stolen if authorized.

Sixth: Make friends, use the porn industry, pretend to be a lady sister, and charge 1-10 USDT taxi fare.

Seventh: Selling goods at low prices, claiming to be an unclean source, selling cheaply, but you must use usdt to pay, that is, if you receive your U, you will be stolen if you scan the QR code to pay.

Eighth: Take you to play options, this type will let you download a brand new exchange, let you withdraw a few small amounts, and be deceived when you enter a large amount, group friends have been defrauded of 150,000 US dollars.

People are sinister, protect their wallets and private keys!


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