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Storm Gain (free mining)

By Jeremy boy | Yongboyboy | 9 Feb 2021

     Hello everyone, today I would like to let the community know about a site it call Storm Gain.

     I found out this website about two week ago ,i try to learn more information about it . Briefly introduce,


     Storm Gain is a cryptocurrency margin trading and investing platform. (available in mobile app)

Its the solution for those who want to profit from either the grow or drop of the cryptocurrency market and for long term investment in crypto asset. Trade 17 different cryptocurrency futures contract with leverage up to×200,or just buy and hold crypto.



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    Actually , compared with other platform , there is not much advange , it makes everything simple.


— Up to 20% bonus on each deposit.
— Up to a 12% interest rate on all crypto stored in your StormGain wallets
— Up to 20% discounts on trading and exchange commissions.



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     In the end, i saw something attractive offer  FREE MINING 


     The most important thing(most excited) is you can mine bitcoin for free now. For those who want to add fund to their account for free and then trade with them, this is nice choice, you just click button and wait for 4 hours, then repeat again, simple like that, it doesn't drain resources from your devices.



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           image source: google image


        Some more they provide two account for client, real account and demo account. Just incase you are junior trader, you might choose demo account to trade and learn, gain your experiment before trade Real account.

        In the Meantime, you can mine bitcoin for free using your phone, all user who have an account can be mine bitcoin and trade. All mined funds are available to use for trading only. Any profit you earn may then be exchanged or withdrawn.

This is also a good method to earn some bitcoin

 so , what do you think?, if you don't mind, you can download try and see


      Referral link.


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