Summer shower rain nature - examples of YT, Odysee, 3SpeakTV and FloteApp embeds

Sound of rain shower thunders and weather I made a day ago.
This is a testing and I want to see how it looks like.
Image is from a wallpaper website , and sound is my recording.


And this is a fun part. 

Videos are hosted on a few websites: YouTube, Odysee, 3SpeakTV and Flote. 

Unfortunately Publish0x seems not to recognize 3Speak and FloteApp, so they are excluded. 

Maybe it would be great to add that in.

Odysee and 3Speak are blockchain related, while FloteApp is free speech platform with tier system. 

Start an each with the difference of a second or two and enjoy the flood hehehehe. 


  Also, one random thought about writing and explaining things.   

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