Preparation for the Round 2: Review of the crypto blogging & social websites

I needed to take some rest after the last review, in which I followed up the results on the 15 different websites. Now, of all of them, I left 7 top ones which I will review this week.

I will add a blog monetized with traditional adverts and a paid chat messenger ( you can join if you wish, you do not need to communicate with me to earn $ just add your friends) and include both in my analyses, so that we can see how that kind of earning plan works. I will also compare the MemoCash and Twetch (two Twitter alternatives).

For Hive I will include any kind of the tokens from Hive Engine that I might earn during the next week.

I need to limit the online activity because there will be no time left in a day, so I will keep only 16 websites, and will not touch anything else.

Posts will be of the reasonable length, so that I have enough time to write, edit, repost and comment. I think for this purpose 300 words is just fine.

For this week, posts will be the same, because I still have too many websites, which I am trying to minimize. So, the next week will be different posts for different websites when I organize a little better.

I will make 7 posts in total for blogs other than Smoke. They will be on different topics and approximate length of 300 words.

The plan is following.

  1. For Smoke, I will write normal content for that niche
  2. For Blogger, I will write one post and share it on YCombinator, Twitter, Reddit & FloteApp.
  3. For Crypto Blogs, the next day I will re-publish.
  4. I will post 10 comments daily on an each of crypto blogging websites
  5. For Memocash and Twetch I will post different statuses of the similar quality
  6. I will use IMGUR to find images or host posters from Canva or free websites.
  7. I will use Wow messenger a few times a day.

Complete list of the websites


Review starts today, ends on 16th and a completed review will be published on 17th September.

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