Paid crypto-blogging websites - weekly review

Paid crypto-blogging websites - weekly review

By aschatria | YES | 3 Sep 2020

I know things are tense in the world and I can't expect much from anything. I spent a week on a few websites and here is what I got. It definitely pictures what kind of the activity is going on within certain websites.


Numbers don't lie, week was AYE!-opening. I know, most just want to know how much money, who cares about comments. Well, in fact I do. Some people like feedback. I have to stress that this is a current situation, for this week, for me. Others may have completely different results.


Smoke is by far the best, but a website is topic-on so you can't squeeze in and write about anything else. I can get a lot of feedback and in general I am satisfied with this.
No nightmode. I will have to make one.

Uptrennd - I hope I calculated it well. These are the 1UP tokens so it could be itchy to exchange your earnings. Minimum payout is 500 coins or around 12 bucks.
No nightmode. Unpleasant to watch. I am not really enthusiastic when using this page. The visual appeal is just horrible.

Hive - I didn't calculate other tokens, just hive. I have some PAL and STEM in earning, but not much. All apps I like and need are here. Website is pleasant to watch. There is enough interaction, just because I didn't have any it doesn't mean that there is none.

Cent - So far, on Cent, I have no idea how things work. Maybe if I by some miracle figure it out, but for now I will just post. I maybe comment.

Publish0x - Half of a dollar is more than I used to get, but this is still too small. I will be more active. This week's payout was delayed because high gas fee.

Whaleshares - Allegedly abandoned platform still giving me good replies. I could keep it just for that.
No nightmode. Unpleasant to watch.

Blurt - This is still too new to give any opinion, we have to pay to post/comment and this could remove a big pile of junk. I like it.

Under this pretty much everything is on ice for me, so it is a drop. I tried and I will for now no longer post on these website.

Steemit - is slipping away. There are no communication there, there is no community, nothing is happening. Dapps are going extinct.

Weku - the value of the Wekucoin is too low, so even if we make a solid coin per post, it is still too little. I made 354 coins during a week. It would be fine if price was higher.

GolosID - I don't know what is going on with Golos platforms ( both of them), but it looks like many things are stuck there. Not just earnings ( tips and stake profit) but editor is constantly breaking and pages refuse to open. You can try banging on buttons, but they are stuck for some reason, so I only open pages with copy/paste next tab.

I have to say that WeYouMe gave something and also might be joining Hive, but I can't see any counter for the current posts. I will give it a rest until I have a clear view.

Stihi is in some sort of a maintenance mode, or refurbishing. Not sure what they are doing there. Same like WYM I will make a pause until things are clear.

Sapien - Not only that I have no clue what is this website about, nothing moved, nothing happened, it doesn't look like anything is active there. Page is filled with Youtube videos and pretty much copies of news.

Flote - I don't use it for earning, but it has some sort of a Tier program for content creators. To be honest, I don't think that one is of any use for anyone. They don't have nightmode so my eyes hurt, and the feed is just endless roll of news and same stuff we can find on Twitter. Just to make a note - the app is not bad, you can surf and it is ok.

Minds - I gave up on this one, so I just use it to share links to other content, but earning became a pain. We need to have an upgraded plan and a payout is $100.


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