Make time and enjoy the process

What is the best thing to do but to take a look at your current situation from another perspective. Just as easily you can see the ground below from a higher point of view the same you will see better the map of your life when you put all the little pieces in front of you.

What makes you happy, or sad? What is your favorite thing to do, or the least favorite? You biggest successes or the lamest losses? What makes you the most productive? What puts you where you belong and what makes you smile? Think about these things not as the dearest memories, but as a true path you want to take from now on.

Think about these little things that make a whole picture, your own map of life, as a solemn task and the only real job you have to do. That is the task that will make the wholeness of your experience worth living and worth fighting for. How many times have you woke up already tired, how many times have you asked yourself what is this all about or does anybody sees your struggles? Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night not knowing why?

Is it stress, is it a worry, fear maybe or something more? Did a voice from far beyond woke you up and you clearly could hear a voice addressing you, but nobody was around? Have you dreamed about a life you always hoped for, have you seen faces of the children you suppose to have... The wishes, the dreams, all those things that makes us thick and fight and go, no matter what. That is your future telling to continue going.

Surround yourself with the people who will understand you, surround with other of the light mind who will help you grow, find teachers, gurus, students of life, same like you and go to that new future that voice was telling you about. And no matter what don't lose sight of that map of life, keep on adding things, people and events that will one day become your own personal masterpiece. Make time to yourself to make time to the future and enjoy every step of the way.

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