By Dre677 | XRP TO THE MOON! | 8 Apr 2021

What is Ripple (XRP)? 


The Ripple is both a platform and form of money. The Ripple platform is an open-source convention that is intended to permit quick and modest exchanges. The stage has its own cash (XRP) yet additionally permits everyone to utilize the stage. It is zeroing in on building innovation to help release new utility for XRP and change worldwide installments. It guarantees moment settlement, lower trade expenses, and more effective utilization of working capital. 


Ripple as a platform and crypto is a lot cleaner for the environment when it comes to mining as well as they are currently making moves to expand into South- East Asia, this market is massive as there are a lot of traders in these regions, one of the biggest trading countries, that isn't mentioned, is the Philippines, now Ripple has just announced they will be moving into this zone and are currently battling the SEC in court as apparently, the Ripple isn't a security, but then again China is currently dominating the world with the number of cryptocurrencies that they have in their country and the sheer volume of crypto that they are producing/ mining. 

My Opinion 

In my personal opinion and this isn't financial advice, the SEC may not win this case as there are a lot of current allegations against certain members of the SEC, and their case just isn't holding, but then again I am not telling you to go put 1 million dollars into Ripple ( Even though it will eventually recover and become a massive amount ) I am saying that the chances are Ripple will win this court case and in the next couple of months the price may shoot up all the way to $2 or even more as there is only a massive resistance at $3.50, if they do lose, my prediction is that, there will be panic sellers and the price will drop to around the $0.6 - $0.8 region. 


So with that being said, I may invest roughly $ 1000 dollars into XRP if the price hits roughly $0.90, but I am pretty sure that this may be a decent investment adventure, as I believe the price is about to soar like a rocket to the sun and not to Mars , because I find that too Cliche'.

So hey let's see how it goes, Give me a Follow and I will try to keep you updated with the profits I may receive or the current losses. 




 Remember when you lost out on Bitcoin being at the low price of $1 and people were buying pizza with 24 Bitcoins at the time thinking they were smart, the same situation may occur here, by 2025 the price prediction is looking at $17, but also I have seen older posts saying that XRP will only hit $1 at the end of 2021 and here we are now on the 8th of April looking at a price of $1 whilst I'm typing this out. 

So Crypto Professors you were all wrong...

Take a chance don't take a chance it's all up to you, but I'm holding XRP for the long run as I am pretty certain this may be a beautiful little currency in the future and may take out all the bigger coins, due to its efficiency and due to the fact we are going into a new world where going green is the future and Ripple gives off a lot fewer carbon emissions, so the big dogs may change over to a safer currency to use to benefit our future. 


Hey, live a little if you have $200 lying around leave it in XRP's hands and give this little package to your son or daughter in 10 years and let them know that Dre told me so

  • $200 Dollars = $3200 at the price of $17 per XRP 
  • Maybe your son or daughter may be able to get that first car you're promising them in 10 years, that is if they're like 8 years old. 



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