9 Sep 2020, The bull run will start soon

By Vivi Bala | XRP Reflections 2020 | 9 Sep 2020

Dear investors, and friends

Today was a fantastic day for XRP:

Multiple positive news, some not even covered by headlines, as far as I know: to indicate just one of the boldly ignored developments: the Turkish flag has appeared as a new symbol on the ODL tracking platform. It is probably in the process of testing, before going live anytime soon.

New projects are coming to fruition in the short term:

India: ACI Worldwide to help bringing alive a revolutionary giant network of ATMs, using XRP - millions of clients will be served via those. Huge.

Canada: Currencycloud is joining Dunbridge Financial, based in Toronto, in a common effort to offer advanced international real-time payments. Millions of customers. Huge.

Vietnam: TPBAnk enters collaboration with Fintech Software Provider Backbase. Many Vietnamese immigrants work in Japan. Huge.

Quite important too: XRP, while largely undervalued, is almost sold out (50 Bln in circulation = 50% of total supply of 100 Bln USD), except for the portions still in escrow: about 50 - 6 Bln owned by Ripple = 44 Bln. USD left, of which large portions have, in my opinion already been sold through OTC sales So let's do the maths here. If, in the worst case 44 Bln were still available for sale, imaging that only 1 in 1000 would at some stage purchase some XRP, it would suffice for everyone of those persons (8 Mln people) to purchase only 5500 XRP (equivalent of roughly 1400 USD each, at the current price, for XRP reaching scarcity and driving a sudden massive price increase, even without any driving news at all ...).

Other than that, here three interesting facts about the current crypto sphere:

- Two more European exchanges have been hacked for Mlns of USD in different digital assets;

- According to Chainalysis, Ukraine is the World's leading state as regards crypto adoption. In general, emerging economies are leading, ahead of developed (industrialised) states, as their currencies are generally weaker and their banks on the brink of bankruptcy. So these economies are the ripest as they have so much more to gain from digital real-time settlements; and last, but not least,

- Shake-out or combat for survival among competing assets is being observed: i.e. OXT ("Orchid Token" by VPN) is replacing BAT ("Basic Attention Token" by BRAVE).

Please enjoy and sleep well.

Wishing you tailwinds!

Best Regards VB

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