Coinbase before listing? - Exchange plans to go public

Coinbase before listing? - Exchange plans to go public

By deleted00024 | X.Crypto.0X | 10 Jul 2020

According to official Reuters reports, Coinbase, one of the leading US exchanges, is planning an IPO. The stock exchange is apparently already working on plans for an exchange listing. But before the IPO can occur, the stock exchange obviously still needs the “Go” of the American Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).

Coinbase before IPO: First exchange on the stock exchange?

The latest news is new and was only released yesterday by Reuters (see source). Accordingly, Coinbase is in the preparation phase for listing on the American stock market.

If it were actually listed on the stock exchange, the US Exchange would be the first stock exchange on the stock market. This would not only be a novelty in crypto history, but would also underline the increasing relevance of the entire market. In this respect, Coinbase News is a positive factor for the market.

SEC approval is pending

However, we still have to speak in the subjunctive, because a big hurdle has to be overcome. We're talking about approval from the American SEC. If the supervisory authority gives the green light, there will be nothing standing in the way of the listing.

According to the Reuters report, Coinbase does not want to use the well-known procedure of an IPO, but strives for a direct listing. The expectations can be quite high, because it is clear that such an approval would increase the interest of institutional investors. It would send a strong signal and would underpin confidence in the crypto market.

What do you think about an upcoming listing of Coinbase? - Could an IPO have a positive impact on trust in the crypto market or do you see no difference?


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