Xcad Network

By clixboss | Xcad Network | 22 Jul 2023

Xcad Network

Earn Cryptocurrency Watching Youtube



The site offers a new and exciting way to earn a whole lot of cryptocurrency and get it in dollars or your native trading fiat currency.

If you've $7,300 dollars laying around you could be earning $3,000 each month watching 5 short 20-30 minute videos. Each day estimate brings in around $100 for the top upgrade on Xcad Network. Since it will only take a small amount of time per day you'll still be able to fit it into your schedule quite seamlessly. 

To join you'll need to either install the plug-in on your device or download the application onto your smartphone device. It is an invite only program here is a code you can use: Y7PV-QBZ3-HPSA-3G5P


~try back later if code is already used I swap them out as fast as I can,

Xcad has different upgrade options which range from $150 all the way up to $7,300. Each with higher earning per priced NFT.

There's Basic, Common, Mystery, Rare, and Legendary.

The following is what the earnings look like in USD

Basic, 2$ per day after NFT Repair Total Profit $60 each month Cost $180

Common: $8 before repair, $6 total return daily. Cost $550

Mystery: Chance to receive Common, or maybe a Rare NFT, Price is directly the difference of a common and Rare.

Rare: $44 Daily, $30-$35 After Repairs Cost $3300

Legendary: I'm not sure, (Guess $100+Daily)I suspect a little more than double compared to the cost of Rare. Cost $7,300 Just released last night July 21st/2023

Repeatable Task Daily, You just can't watch the same video. There's a ticker and it will let you know when you've watched enough of the video.


For Great Value Join Xcad Network Now



I It's really coming down to what people like to do to earn money, no more going to jobs we dislike since we've the capabilities of technology use.

If you didn't know about this one I recommend taking a look at the site, it's well made and looks quite nice. I'll be saving up for that legendary NFT, I've a Rare one and earnings are consistenst so far. It cashes out through Binance Smart Chain, But PlayTokens, Xcad, are on Kraken Exchange. Requires BNB to cover transaction of NFT Purchases, and Xcad Network deposit address on your account will be the same for Xcad, Play Tokens, BNB. 

Happy Earnings Everyone, let's earn some Crypto. 

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Xcad Network
Xcad Network

Displaying an earn to watch method I've recently begun. Try the affiliate code as its swapped out frequently as its used.

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