Bittrex Global will list the coin in June

Bittrex Global will list the coin in June


Bittrex Global was founded in October 2019, is based in Liechtenstein and uses the same platform technology as the US Bittrex. This exchange has target customers across the globe.
Recently, Bittrex Global announced in a tweet that the exchange was about to list "Bittrex Global Token" but details were not disclosed at this time.
Some users find this move of Bittrex Global seems too late compared to most other competitors in the industry.
Answering this issue, Bittrex Global said that they had a legal problem and could not deploy the plan sooner. Now, this issue seems to have been resolved and Bittrex Global can issue and list its own tokens.
In addition, users in the United States will not be able to trade or own Bittrex Global floor tokens. At the same time, this trading platform does not allow US users to access.
In fact, Bittrex gradually lost market share to the hands of emerging exchanges later. At the beginning of last year, Bittrex's market share was about 3.5%, and this number has dropped to about 1% at the present.


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