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Nano xrb is its abbreviation and currently on number 44 in coinmarketcap current price is $0.97 and its max supply is 133 million. so that supply is fairly low now in the crypto space for example Bitcoin as a supply of 20 million prices currently around about $9,000 so obviously mathematically the price could go um close to that right mathematically now we see that this coin has had a crazy crazy history if you got in this coin anywhere between before December 2017 force you hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm sure because I wish I got in at this time but I did not unfortunately I got in honestly right he'll like as it was going up.

Basically this coins done no marketing really they're just relying on the actual technology and product but we can see it's on many markets now it got added to by BINANCE recently so by name is obviously the biggest one, KUCOIN and they are list on many others exchanges.


It's digital currency for the reward the fast and free way to pay for everything in life it's instant transactions yes instant there's no waiting time is literally just instant zero fees and it's like very scalable like crazy scalable which you want in a cryptocurrency there's over 7500 transactions per second which is massive way faster than say ripple ripple is about 1,500 I believe bitcoins like 7 transactions per second.

It has mobile,online and desktop wallet which is very clean and user friendly the team the team is crazy crazy good very intelligent very on top of it and the delivering they deliver on every thing they're gonna say usually in all the dates they're gonna say things are coming out organized fast team that has the potential to actually lead a cryptocurrency to the top and obviously.


zero fees which is awesome we need in cryptocurrency right there zero fees that means means if I want to send a million dollar its instantly and free PayPal charges fees all these other companies and credit card providers stuff charges fees and sometimes takes time if you want to go the bank and get some money out it's gonna take a while right if it's a large amount so I really love this idea

My prediction for this coin $300 so about a 35 billion dollar market cap which i think is very possible that's around 35x at the so I really do hope that we see really good gains from Nano in 2019 and I think we will I think it's just a no-brainer.


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