Steemmonsters/Splinterlands- Beginner's Guide Part 1

Steemmonsters/Splinterlands- Beginner's Guide Part 1

For all who are new to crypto trading card games this post is for you ;)

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands originally called steemmonsters is a web base card game that is run on the steem blockchain.  The blockchain can store images, blog posts, videos, and so on.  Splinterlands uses the steem blockchain to store its cards and matches among all its players.  You can think of splinterlands as one small piece of the steem blockchain.  All users of steem can participate in the steem blockchain.  Steem is a cryptocurrency where it can be earn for people posting online blog such as the home page  However the focus of this post is on Splinterlands.

Why Splinterlands is Fun/Good?

Let's get straight to the points.  Splinterlands can be an investment and a fun activity for all.  The game as many players and there are dedicated discord channels for all who are interested in the game to discuss.  The official discord channel.


Investing in crypto has been brutal for most as prices been mostly lower than where it was at all time highs of 2018.  What Splinterlands has been is the opposite.  Since its creation and starting game play in middle of 2018 the original investors who bought cards have seen 10x - 100x gains when selling their cards.  The original cards are known as Alpha version and there was only 300,000 booster packs ever created.  A pack back in the day sold for $2 each and contained 5 cards.  Those Alpha cards are in demand now.


There is a internal market for buying/selling cards so it is always a liquid market.  As long as you sell at a reasonable price.  There is always deals/bargains for specific cards so trading is 24/7.  A 5% fee on prices within the internal market, but there are external markets that are lower with 2% fee.  All prices of cards are in $ USD domination and can be exchanged for DEC, SBD, or Steem. 


DEC stands for dark energy crystal.  It is a token based on steem's SMT and are earned daily in the game by winning battles and tournaments.  SBD and Steem are the liquid assets of steem blockchain that can be traded on world wide crypto exchanges.  Steem is currently ranked 81st on so definitely a liquid asset.

Game Mechanics

Card Information

1- mana cost: When creating a team the limitation is how much a card's mana cost.  Usually the more mana the higher stats are the monster.

2- stats: Attack, Thoughness, Health, and Speed

3- splinter, rarity: In the game there are a total of (7) splinters.  Each splinter has its own choice of monsters and summoners. Splinters are Earth, Water, Fire, Death, Life, Dragon, and Neutral.  Neutral allows to be mix with any other splinter in a match.  Rarity comes in four forms. Common, rare, epic, and legend.  The most available cards is a common while the least available card is legend.

4- name: Every card has a name.

5- level: Players can "combine" cards to make a stronger monster/summoner.  The required amount of same cards to be combined to level up is dependent on it's rarity and version of the card.  The versions are Alpha, Beta, Rewards, and Untamed.  All but Untamed booster packs have been sold out.

6- Experience: It is the graphical bar to show how much more for the card to level up.

7- Abilities: Summoners and monsters that have abilities that can be benefited in battle are listed here.  Most monsters have abilities when leveled up to higher levels.




Every abilities has its advantages when used in battle.  Some are better than others but all serve their purposes. When picking monsters for battle it will be the player's job to determine what abilities suites them best to win.  There can be hundreds of combinations of monsters players can choose depending on which abilities they are looking to use.

Battle Arena


Straight out of is the image above.  There is an area for your summoner and monsters versus your opponents. Dependent of how many mana in a match allowed will be how many monsters you can place in formation.  There can only be one summoner per a player in a match with a maximum of six monsters in a formation.  The position of the monster is very important and will be discussed in depth in a later post.  The key here is to know that there is a battle formation to be setup prior to each battle.

Hope this is a helpful overview guide to new players and wish all the best in 2020 matches ;)

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