Pushing Boundaries, Expanding Opportunities


As we continue this year, we've met some crossroads along the way. It was like facing the storm where you do not know what will be there for tomorrow. If you still have the same or left with nothing at all. And the change it brings in each path wasn't that easy to embrace.

For we, as individual, has our own edges or as a company with restrictions. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have. Though in some point it is nice to be playful with it and take those boundaries as a stepping stone. Because those boundaries, borderlines, edges, restrictions or sometimes we called limitations are just instrument to bring the best in us. But take note, it is the most challenging part in everyone's life.

Pushing out our limits need more courage and determinations. We should be sensible enough and liable to whatever it may bring. Of course, we cannot simply go beyond the border and have it done our way. It is like going into the war, we have to be prepared as we move any further.

As we push it furthermore, we can expand our opportunities to fail or to succeed. Many people reached the spotlight for pursuing their dreams. And it wasn't a nice shot a first. Some start from trash and reinvent each time until they came to the top. Some failed because they never try to go beyond the borderline. But failure is part of learning. We fail because there are lessons we need to learn. Sometimes we stumble and fall yet we have to manage to regain our post and try it again. Because at the end of the day, all we need is hope and strength. Hope: that things get better and strength: to hold on until we reached our goals.

So if yesterday is a disappointment and today isn't better. Remember, there is always tomorrow to look forward to and start anew.


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A mother of three who works harder to survive this pandemic as the sole income earner of the family.

Written from the Heart
Written from the Heart

Written are from my own life experience or someone i know... Some are may firstly published by me in other platforms. Hope you support me

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