Dream High...Hope more...

Hopes and Dreams

I grew up in a family of 6, we can eat three times a day with tight budget. My father is a public utility vehicle driver and my mother is watching over our sari-sari little store.

As the eldest child, I learned all the house chores at an early age and do help my mother took care of my brothers and sister. They raised us so well even how hard life is.

We are full of love and support from our dear parents. Though having a dream degree in college is too far to reach. I had to grab the job opportunity that comes early in life.

My Company for 19years...

 Now, I am still working here. I have dreams and hope though there are storms in my life. I have to struggle financially over the years despite having a job in this big company. Yet I never complain even my hardwork wasn't recognize due to seniority and friendzone reasons. As long as I got this job, we survive. We are thankful we have reach this far despite our low profile living.

Wish we have our Own...

Last year, our plan is to find a place we could call our own. Our own place, we could freely move, where my children could freely play around. We rented just a room where we eat and sleep. Important thing, we have a bathroom inside and a dirty kitchen outside where we can cooked and save a penny to make our budgetary plans.

As these pandemic hit the world, we are sadden because we need more effort financially to survive or a miracle perhaps to bet in a lottery to win and buy a house and lot. It is like being hopeful while walking in the narrow path of darkness. It is like believing more to be hopeful that our dream to have a home will soon come true. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but soon because God is always with us to make it happen in time.

Just be hopeful and hold those dreams in our hearts until it will happen.


"I may not be as good as other authors here. But I am trying and determine to become a good one."

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A mother of three who works harder to survive this pandemic as the sole income earner of the family.

Written from the Heart
Written from the Heart

Written are from my own life experience or someone i know... Some are may firstly published by me in other platforms. Hope you support me

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