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Every day is a blessing, don’t forget!

By Jento | Write! Just Write. | 10 Aug 2022

Today has been 1 tiring day! Work has been as always intense, 9 hours. Looking forward to the immediate passage of time, can’t wait to go home and get some sleep. While excited over some activities today especially getting my son’s phone repaired and taking home some food our boss prepared for us – which I appreciate so much! I don’t have to cook today! Arggg…

I slept 3 hours and got up to motivate my sons to eat and off we go to have my boy’s cellphone repaired. Ah! Tiring! I’m getting older by the day and that traveling is too much for me especially when the weather is too hot or too humid and when the traffic hits the rush afternoon hours.

I'm glad he got to accompany me again to buy some food and bought a few other things while having his phone repaired. I have some extra cash so we were able to have it repaired immediately, it's costly considering I’m on a tight budget. We didn’t have to get into line so it was immediately endorsed to the repairman. Then we go roam around buying some stuff we need, a new pair of slippers, food for the rest of the week, and some pots for my plants.

Going home in hustle is again tiring and have to endure the congested street of people waiting for a ride and of course the traffic and its horrors! We got home exhausted but satisfied. We have everything we hoped for and we bought food instead of cooking since I was already tired from all the activity. Showered and then had early dinner, and my son told me to sleep in the living room so I get to sleep on his lap. But before that, I asked him if he would mind me planting waling-waling, he said, go plant! Hmmm, wow! I got the consent I needed without him knowing how pricey one waling-waling seedling costs, Php1500. Guess, they wouldn’t mind as long as I love doing it and I am happy! Then I feel into my enchanted sleep, thinking I will have another batch of the collection coming soon! Lolz.

Sleep was very tight as I have to prep for work again! Did again my walk as my boy was complaining about me slacking on it, so I did my laps tonight only about 3 because I was already tired before going through the laps. Yet, I’m glad. The night I collected my prices for participating July journey to wellness and I finally have the tumbler I prayed for! And again Gift certificate, another groceries to look forward and a savings box!

Truly indeed, every day is a blessing. Appreciating the smallest things we have to the ones that will really change our life is a blessing! Merely waking up every day is a blessing not everyone gets to enjoy as others had another kind of morning to look onto, eternity. While still grounded, appreciating life at most is something. Spending it with is another thing while the rest, all the material abundance is enticing!

With today’s activities, yes indeed! A tiring but well-appreciated day! Of course, it rained a bit while I was already tired to water the plants. Indeed, He does look after you and our belongings – well taken cared of! Looking forward to another morning come by. Just sharing! Thanks for reading.

July 30, 2022
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