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Difference: Before and now...

By Jento | Write! Just Write. | 10 Aug 2022


I love the passion that the new generation of boys and girls are showing. Their feistiness is undaunted. The idealism is relentless. Support system, hmmm, undoubting steadfast. But seemingly ungrounded! It's really good that they question almost everything in the world but for the lack of better judgment. Pampered? sheltered?


I really don’t know. I'm not sure how to go about it but… the age now is really different. Before, the elders throw it at us as “age gap”, I really don’t know what it is called these days but, I would definitely not agree it's “age gap” because it’s the same stages. Though different in the degree of satisfaction, pain, and tolerance, definitely…


Hmmm… like I was before, fighting for my independence! I shouted for FREEDOM at the age of 12, then, I was able to process papers on my own, enrolled myself for elementary and high school, and did a lot more mature chores that time. So much more of the menial task, preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not for myself but for the entire family, 4 siblings, and parents, and hell, I can write a good reaction paper all in English minus grammarly! Lolz.  


Now, my 12-year-old screamed independence at the age of 10 but doesn’t know how to go buy groceries at that time and do breakfast on their own?! Plus, cannot navigate the city heights and lows! Cannot even process my discharge papers in the hospital because!!! And I got a cry from him requesting to do this “I’m a MINOR!” hahahaha! Wow! This is how he screams for independence and doesn’t have the foundation! This got me thinking. Sorry, I’m not really the kind of mom who ties you down on my skirt for the rest of your life! Freedom, sure! Take it, its yours! And yet the surviving skills is really zero! Hahaha! oh! Really this got me crying! What an irony! So, if I dump them somewhere, I really don’t know. Too sheltered?


Yeah! This is how I get a lot of growing adults these days! the screams on social media on the need to be recognized, with lots of identity crises along the way! Take note, sorry but reasoning skills are really quite flawed. I wouldn’t mind if reasoning skills was exceptionally good but, I’m sorry! Plus! They don’t accept mistakes? Like, what? Ungrounded! Then you get to question decency, morals, and etiquette. Whopps! Although, I cannot really take it that persons like Madonna posting on twitter or Instagram, is unimaginable. Im sorry, but gors should behave like gor and get to be gors gracefully instead of shaming the gors(elderly) society. Really, apologies for my fixations, its louder these days but… this is just how the young lose respect for the gor society. My apologies.


One of the reasons why I enrolled my kids on public schools was to train them in the hard life. Sharing bad books, getting to repair dilapidated books, and returning them almost half new as the school ends. Wear embarrassing uniforms and fetch water from the ground floor up to the 4th because that’s just how the public school is. Then use yucky CR because of lack of everything else. They’re boys, it's really important for me to give them a good view of the reality of our society. And they got used to this and still lack the training of real life, as mentioned above, making me think about where and what did I miss? Sheltered? They’re not. I left them alone on my weekend hospital escapade and they’re good.


On Philippine grounds. CAT and ROTC were already removed but what good will it do to our kids? Oh! A lot… I enumerate? Oh gosh! Wake up early in the morning to early shower, breakfast, prepare lunch baon, and go to school early. No shortcuts. Time management is at stake. Then has to fill out all the forms and has to face the gruesome strict teacher and be ready to be exposed to the heat of the sun because that is how soldiers are exposed. They will be trained to listen attentively, and learn to obey without question, -no buts and if, please! Importantly, develop their coping mechanism to counter adversary and toxic situations and be able to endure relentlessly! Not complain of the circumstance they’re in but develop resilience to preserver and cause change for adherence! This is how the current society is formed.


Our part was to endure the dictates of time. Holding it up together to form new propaganda so the young ones will not endure but celebrate the opportunity we’ve channeled. Opportunities for them to grow more in spirit and in mind, hoping for a brighter future for them. We don’t have these opportunities before when we still dream of this. Now, it’s a reality that the new generation is enjoying.  But at the expense of degeneration of morals, decency… because we worked hard for the opportunities to come true and failed to see through our children the guidance they need to grow.


Perhaps my generational failed so much in this aspects? Sad.



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