zec future

zec future

ZCash is steadily at the bottom of TOP-30 list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, being far behind its major rivals, Monero and Dash. .


However, none of the cryptocurrency forks could achieve such results. Miners like ZCash and its rate is quite volatile for you to get your lucky chance and make a profit. Although, ZEC almost full privacy is at the same time its flaw, due to the restrictions by exchanges and regulators. From this review, you will learn what ZCash is like, what its advantages and disadvantages are, where you can buy and store the cryptocurrency, how it can be mined and what it is promising in future. Read and make money!



It seems that a new original idea should yield the startup at the stage of ICO incredible success and promote it into at least TOP-30 list. But experience proves that investors are not that willing to buy new ideas, preferring more reliable, tested classes of startups: payment systems, decentralized networks and privacy-based cryptocurrencies. Especially since more and more positive comments are heard about the latter. Some people think that Bitcoin is not confidential and the present wallets can be identified.


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world situition in corona and my country
world situition in corona and my country

The world is facing a big clash.. and my country is also one of them

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