world in corona part 2

world in corona part 2

Hi friends..

It is the 2nd part of my blog..

so i was telling u about my country.


The government was doing his job very well but people were afraid for their food for their work for their job.

Govt announced the locked for 2 weeks, public holidays occured.

doctors were doing their job with heart and soul.

(i salute all the doctors of the world).

they were on duty day and night.

people were at their homes.

i dont want to suggest any one to break the rules of your own country but i just want to ask u is this fair to putt the people behind the wall to let them die due hunger??

after 20 days of lockdown news come on the centre that people are trying to commit suicide due to hunger.

i personally went to the my community people to gave them little bit which i can afford.

people were so disturbed.

i want to request the highly approached people please do little do something for your community.. for poor people who are near to you..

life is one but love and affection has no limits.

love your poor people..they are key to your good luck.

love you all

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world situition in corona and my country
world situition in corona and my country

The world is facing a big clash.. and my country is also one of them

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