what the life is?

what the life is?

There are so many hard works but most hard work is to live your life.

it is very hard to live the life ,  to complete your needs, to complete your desires.

But there’s no doubt that life is also amazing and wondering, and with the bad stuff always comes some form of goodness, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

If you’ve ever found yourself crying into your hands wondering why life is so hard, you are definitely not alone.

But humanity is slowly, albeit painfully slowly, starting to realize that a lot of the bad things that happen to us do not actually happen to us, they are just things that happen.

It’s our negative attitude or disposition that turns neutral circumstances into something full of despair and anger, confusion and frustration.


there is not harder than living.


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world situition in corona and my country
world situition in corona and my country

The world is facing a big clash.. and my country is also one of them

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