the world in corona and my country too

the world in corona and my country too

The world was happy and was working well, everyone was doing his job, working freely , without any worry, without any hazitation, without any deathful danger, .


Everyone was enjoying like a little kid, meeting with eachother, making fun, racing their vehicals.


And one day devil come to the world and everyone got scared!!!!!


run back to home and closed the doors for everyone, (relatives and neighbours)


nobody knows what was going on.

a sudden change introduced..

vehicle stopped

schools off.

unvirsities off.

markets off.

and at last people also off.

world was under the roof of home.

everyone was scared from one another.

a virus came named corona.

world was so woried and my country was too.

world was providing food to his public and country was too. but due to system errors or anything else .. people of my country were unable to get food from government of my country. and afterthat.. (to be continued in next paragraph)

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world situition in corona and my country
world situition in corona and my country

The world is facing a big clash.. and my country is also one of them

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