Happy mothers day

Happy mothers day

World is nothing without a lady called mother.

Mother is a most expensive gift from Almighty Allah.


For many of us, our mother is a symbol of strength, unconditional love, encouragement, wisdom and caregiving. From birth, most of our mothers were the cornerstone of our upbringing. They helped us become the people we are today even when it took a village. So while Mother's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating all of the moms, past, present, expecting or hopeful.we're thankful for them every single day.

She works for their children day and night, do everyting for them.. from very begining when nobody do anything for a 1 to 10days kid.. she provide everything which a kid may need..

love and respect for Mothers of all.

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world situition in corona and my country
world situition in corona and my country

The world is facing a big clash.. and my country is also one of them

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