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The greatest treasure in the entire universe is wisdom treasure. Why is it so? Look at this passage of the scripture; “With your wisdom and your understanding You have gained riches for yourself, And gathered gold and silver into your treasuries; By your great wisdom in trade you have increased your riches,…”- Ezekiel 28:4-5, (NKJV). These verses of the Bible are self explanatory. The wisdom treasure is the most valuable treasure to be desired, because wisdom is your ability to gain riches and gather gold and silver for yourself, through the gift deposited in you.

Until Africa allows wisdom and knowledge to become the capital upon which our wealth is based, we will still be a struggling continent. “The day African governments start placing education above every other thing in their budget, that is the day we will start to embark on the journey to creating a great continent.”

Why will a continent so enrich with all the crude oil and other mineral resources be so poor? “The Africa continent needs leaders who are intellectually incline, those who will place intellectualism above money, and ideas above houses and cars. Then we will begin to change the statues of our continent.” To do this, the African leaders need to start looking inward, instead of outward, for help from IMF and World Bank. This is the greatest source of affliction for the African continent. When IMF gives you loan and tell you to devalue your currency, because they do not want you to ever come to a position where you can pay up your loan.

We could see from the scripture we read earlier that by wisdom one can gain riches, gold and silver and increase them by trade. In other words, wisdom equips you with adequate resources to turn your treasure into capital asset and thereby enriching your world with things that are of great advantage to others.



Wisdom is the main or major material that is needed to create the world of your dream and turn the universe into a paradise for everyone to live. The most developed countries in the world today are countries that have placed wisdom and intellects above money or riches. “When a country place high value on wisdom and intelligence, it will help to turn its citizens into a world class citizens of the earth.” Most developed countries are not the ones that celebrate wealth or money above intelligence. Rather they call the intelligent ones rich.

It would surprise you to know that God’s word call people rich even when they do not have millions of dollars in their bank account. Let’s look at it; “That you were enriched in everything by Him in all utterance and all knowledge,”- 1 Corinthians 1:5, (NKJV). Been enriched by Him in all utterance and knowledge is a main or principal things because, by the virtue of your enrichment in knowledge, you can create other products. Look at the dictionary meaning of the word “ENRICH” it means “to make rich or richer, especially by the addition or increase of some desirable quality”. It also means to “improve or enhance the quality or value of.” By the revelation of this scripture, we could see that when one is enrich in Knowledge, he can turn that knowledge into product through the enhancement of the same.

The scripture tells us; “There is desirable treasure, And oil in the dwelling of the wise, But a foolish man squanders it.”- Proverbs 21:20, (NKJV). What are the desirable treasure that are embedded in you? It is time to discover and turn them into wealth by enhancing and giving value to it. Oil is in the dwelling of the wise. What is the oil that is your dwelling?

Discover it, for the world is waiting for it. “Today the Israeli has started producing cars that will run on air and water. They may not have crude oil in the land of Israel, but their oil is in their human capital investment.” And they are storming the world with various technology development all across board. If you have a brain, and then there is treasure in your dwelling, discover it and enhance it by giving it value. Look for the oil in your dwelling and you will shock the world by your products and investment. Remember that the greatest investment is human capital.


Exercpt from my book TRADE IT

BY Daniel O. Eromosele



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World of digital age
World of digital age

We are living in a new Era and those who are not prepared for this age will be left behind. But I think that majority of the world population is still not ready for this age of digitalization.

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