Atomic Drop Maker: Create Atomic Drops Without NeftyBlocks!

By cotton88 | cotton88 | 24 Feb 2022

Atomic Drop Maker Tool V1

Neftyblocks removes Atomic Drops easy-to-use tool

A few months ago, NeftyBlocks had an extremely user friend tool for making Atomic Drops (wax NFT drops) without using I am sure tons of people were helped by their interface. It probably drove lots of sales for people, and free NFT drops were wild back in those days.

It was fun, charitable and easy to get those NFT collections the attention they deserved.

But Neftyblocks has become so big they decided to remove their competition -- Atomic Assets' smart contract 'atomicdropsx' -- in favor of their own in-house Nefty drops contract. Money = 1 ; Charity = 0.

This is why I made the Atomic Drop Maker tool for the community.

If you want to get your NFT out there, please try it out and let me know if you had any problems.  It's still a work in progress so more features will be updated later.


What do I need to do to use the Atomic Drops smart contract?

You will need to give permissions to atomicdropsx in order to use their smart contract on your NFT collection. You can refer to this article for info on how to do this (pictures):


How much Wax should I deposit for a drop?

It depends on how many NFTs you'll be selling/airdropping for claimers. For a small drop to test the tool, a 1 WAX deposit will be plenty.  50 NFTs? 10 WAX should be enough. (We don't have exact figures yet as the formula for WAX=NFT mints isn't yet ready to be integrated into the tool.)


Where is the Atomic Drop Maker?

The Atomic Drop maker is an interface that makes interacting with the 'atomicdropsx' smart contract way easier. You can create a free NFT drop or a paid one with this tool.



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