Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
'Invest and earn much more than saving'

Collect Free 0.00144000 BTC Daily


For Free Members, Without Investment

1. Enter Bitcoin Address: No need to sign up, just enter your Bitcoin address (not wallet address).

2. Start mining For Free: Right after you enter your Bitcoin address, mining process starts automatically without investment.

3. Withdraw Generated Bitcoin: You/Miners can withdraw their earning balance after reaching minimum threshold of 0.005 BTC 

For More And Faster Earning

Plans For Paid Members:

i) V1.1 Price 0.01 BTC

      Earning rate:

  • 0.00000200 BTC/min
  •  0.00288000 BTC per day
  • Affiliate bonus 30%

ii) V1.2 Price 0.1 BTC

     Earning rate:

  • 0.00002100 BTC/min
  •  0.03024000 BTC per day
  • Affiliate bonus 40%

iii) V1.3 Price 0.9 BTC

      Earning rate:

  • 0.00021000 BTC/min
  •  0.30240000 BTC per day
  • Affiliate bonus 50%

V1.4 Price 5 BTC

     Earning rate: 

  • 0.00126000 BTC/min
  •  1.81440000 BTC per day
  • Affiliate bonus 100%

Start Mining now hassle free.


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eCash Hunter
eCash Hunter

A poor old man living in rich man's world, hunting ecash for self security.


'Without Investment Real Cash' is the best selected free sites which pays highest for completing etasks, by watching ad clips, referring, promoting, not forgetting invest and earn more and much more, faster.. Sites offer cash or coins as your rewards! #Mantra4Wealth: 'The poor are poor because they save only, but the rich are richer since they invest more than saving' Dee Chett

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