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Buy WISE Token - Is WISE Token an investment case for me?

Buy WISE Token? Is WISE Token an investment case for me?

By Crypto Teddy | WISE Token | 28 Jan 2021

Buy WISE Token? Is WISE Token an investment case for me?

When WISE Token fits into your portfolio

Buy WISE TOKEN - Is WISE Token an investment case for me?


Every investment should be preceded by extensive research. Only if the considered concept fits into your investment strategy and you have understood it in its entirety, it is also an investment case.

This article is intended to give you an insight into WISE Token and provide you with the necessary information for your investment decision.

What is WISE Token?

Wise Token is the first Ethereum-backed crypto bond.

Behind this short and seemingly simple definition, hides more than an investor might guess at first glance.

WISE Token is a proprietary and 100% decentralized ecosystem free from third party influence with Uniswap acting as the bank.

There are no admin keys to the smart contracts of WISE Token. The liquidity from the presale (55,000 ETH) is forever ownerless on Uniswap because the LP tokens were automatically sent to a burn address after the transfer.

This has two positive side effects for investors:

  1. ETH goes up, WISE goes up.
    There is a Uniswap WISE-ETH pair. If Ethereum increases in value, WISE Token also increases in value. The secret of this mechanism lies in the ownerless liquidity. Unlike all other concepts, liquidity cannot be withdrawn from the market. Only those who own WISE Token can also siphon off capital from the pool of Ethereum.
  2. price floor
    A price floor is created. The price floor indicates how much money the last sale of all WISE Token would receive if all investors sell. It, therefore, reflects the maximum loss that a token holder of WISE Token could suffer. The price fluctuates, but a total loss is impossible (Note: total loss only if ETH = $0).

How do investors achieve increases in value with WISE tokens?


You can stake your WISE Token and get an interest rate of 10–30%. The longer you stake, the higher your interest rate will be. Staking is used to further accumulate WISE Token. Since you end up exchanging WISE Token for ETH on Uniswap, you practically earn Ethereum by staking WISE.

NOTE: WISE Token does not claim to earn the highest APY in crypto. It is for further building your WISE Token holdings. The true potential is hidden in the long-term price appreciation.

Price appreciation:

The special thing about WISE Token is that it can increase in price due to two independent factors

If Ethereum increases in value, the value of WISE Token also increases. So, as a holder of WISE Token, you directly participate in the increases in the value of Ethereum.

Are the number of purchases > sales, WISE Token (like all other cryptocurrencies) increases in price.

These mechanisms can complement each other so that an investor benefits from both developments.


ETH 2x

→ Investor = 4X

So an investment in WISE Token is directly linked to Ethereum.

IS WISE Token an investment case for you now?

The answer to that is: it depends!

Basically, as an investor, you only need to ask yourself one question:
What is most important to you when investing in a new crypto project?

WISE Token is clearly not the right investment for you if your answer to the question is:

  • Get rich as fast as possible!
  • Please don’t do anything with Ethereum because I don’t believe in the Ethereum Network.

WISE Token is backed by Ethereum and is just not a pump and dump token. The biggest investor of WISE Token could move the price by about 4.5%. WISE Token can increase extremely in value, but time is a relevant factor here and must be factored in by the investor.

WISE Token could be the right investment for you if your answer is:

  • I want sustainable returns in the long term
    Staking can be used to generate sustainable interest rates that are far above the usual interest rates of banks & bonds.
  • I am absolutely convinced of Ethereum
    For those who are convinced of Ethereum, WISE Token is a very good addition to their portfolio. This is due to the direct participation in the price development through WISE Token in Ethereum as well as the interest. Over time, the investor accumulates more WISE Tokens and pays off not only his initial holdings at the new price but also his interest.
  • I want large price potential and tend to have a long investment horizon in the process
    Thanks to the mechanism described above and the connection of Ethereum and WISE Token that exists with it, WISE Token is capable of price increases of 100x and significantly more in the long-term view.
    WISE Token is thus a supplement for the existing long-term portfolio!
  • I am a crypto beginner
  • or I want to avoid certain risks at all costs (team dump, rug pull )
    WISE Token is suitable for crypto beginners and investors with a certain need for security for several reasons.
    WISE Token is designed to be as fair as crypto can be. There is no team token or admin key. Smart contracts run forever and cannot be changed. Over 96% of the capital raised was transferred to Uniswap as liquidity. The LP tokens were burned so that this liquidity is exclusively available to owners of WISE Token and no third party can withdraw it from the market anymore! Thus, a dump by the team or a large whale as well as a rug pull is not possible. At the same time, the ownerless liquidity creates the price floor described above and thus reduces the maximum amount to be lost.

Is there any risk involved in investing in WISE Token?

YES, any investment in crypto involves significant risks. Every investor needs to be aware of the risks that come with an asset class like cryptocurrencies. WISE Token was able to eliminate some of the risks that come with structurally building a cryptocurrency and build a fair currency with excellent tokenomics. In the end, each investor must decide which cryptos fit into the portfolio based on their own investment strategy.

Main features of Wise Token at a glance

  • No admin keys
  • No team tokens
  • No rug pull possible
  • Ownerless and forever locked liquidity!
  • Staking rewards
  • backed by ETH
  • 100% decentralized
  • price floor

The described article can be a help for deciding investment in WISE Token, but it is not a recommendation to buy. PLEASE DYOR

Your CryptoTeddy

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Crypto Teddy
Crypto Teddy

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WISE Token
WISE Token

Wise Token is a staking platform based on the basic ideas of crypto. The conception is absolutely unique in crypto land. Wise is the first project that is really 100% decentralized and fair.

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