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This region is situated in France. Know as Garden of France the loirL Valley is a UNESCO Worl heritage site that enchante visitors with fairy tales like castles.

The climate is favorable most of the years, the river is acting as a line of demarcation in france's weather between the nothern climate and the southern.

The river has a significant effect on the climate of the region.

The wine the I choose to describe is the muscadet, this wine is really famous in my region.

It's a white wine made with the grappe melon de Bourgogne. You can find this wine and this grappe only in Loire Valley. The muscadet wine is a light body wine, is very dry, fresh and crisp,m. You can find some. Muscadet who have been aged "sur lie" that mean then the wine was in contact with the yeast. That bring some differents tastes to the wine for thoses who have the label.

After my meeting great meeting and excellent wine with my friend Anthony, I called a friend of both, Jordan. We had a little chat about was I was doing and he accepted the challenge quickly and he brought Muscadet 

During the tasting we were remembering better times and  😂 about stuff occurred when we worked together, actually was really funny afternoon, he came prepared for the question I was going to ask him, he knew this moment was coming because the bottle of Muscadet was ending. 

His proposal to match this wine with food was the following: "I would match this wine with sea food sunch as oysters, shrimps, or lobster and also with fish. Because the crisp acidity can cut though. That will bring a balance against the richness of the sea food. Also this wine can be perfect for an aperitif under the sun!

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Wine world tour
Wine world tour

This is about wine and food. Mostly wine but some little snacks or food you can pair with

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