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Here I am again,

For the title of this post I will talk about wine from Corsica. First of all I will locate and explain a bit of Corsica.

Corsica (France) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea close to Sardinia (Italian island). This lovely island has 2 administrative departments, North and South, and the capital of it is Ajaccio. Corsica has Mediterranean climate, meaning it has hot and dry summers and rainy winters. The average year temperature is between 15-18 degree. The island has 1000km of coastline with more than 200 beaches and some of the most awesome and impressive Mediterranean Sunsets. Just take a look and fall in love with this region and it’s culture.

I did this introduction because, my friend who's from there will kill me if I don't and he really loves his place. Anthony  , this lovely guy from Corsica 🀣, passed by mine and brought a lovely wine from Corsica that, with his help I will describe.

His choose for the this time was a Corsican wine from Patrimonio,Β Domaine Gentile.Β 

This is a vineyard with a limestone and clay terroir in organic agriculture.Β Gentile white, AOC Patrimonio is made with 100% Corsican grape Vermentino matured in stainless steel vats.

The taste will release a beautiful acidity, freshness, citrus taste and salinity.

While we were tasting this lovely wine I proposed him to made up a plate or any idea of food you could pair with it, and he came up with something fresh and lovely that could be a really nice starter or plate of food during summer season for lunch:

” I would pair this wine with a scallop carpaccio, asparagus, thin slices of citrus(grapefruit, lime, lemon), citrus dressing (lime, lemon and olive oil) andΒ  chopped chives.” 

The idea behind this pairing for him is because he want toΒ find a similarity between the wine and the food to get a right balance and beautiful match with the flavours and keep a freshness in mouth.

PD: Thank you Anthony for this, you know you are a master of food and wine extrem pairing.Β 

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Wine world tour
Wine world tour

This is about wine and food. Mostly wine but some little snacks or food you can pair with

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