How Many Posts Can You Publish In A Day? Check here...

By QueenOfCrypto | Will crypto survive? | 24 Jan 2021

Ever wondered how many posts you can publish in a single day on Publish0x? 
Ever got a notification saying, "You have published maximum number of posts today"?

I am getting started with Publish0x. Yesterday I was in good flow and drafted more than 5 blogs, but when I tried to publish them, I received a pop-up saying, I have published maximum number of posts today.
I was not aware about this publishing limit, so I sent an email to the Publish0x team asking about this issue. Within a short span of time, I received an email that said, "One can publish up to 5 posts within 24 hours." 

You can publish up to 5 posts in 24 hrs. That is, within 24 hrs of publishing your first draft, you can publish a maximum of 5 posts.

Setting up this limit was important from quality front. Authors can maintain the quality of the blogs they are sharing. It also helps in ceasing spamming.
What do you think about this posting limit? Let me know in the comments.


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Learning bit by bit about crypto.....

Will crypto survive?
Will crypto survive?

After touching the life long high of $40000. The crypto king. Bitcoin, fell down as much as 11% on Thursday. What does the future hold?

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