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Bitcoin is Falling. What to Do?

By QueenOfCrypto | Will crypto survive? | 22 Jan 2021

GAME OVER............................The bull run has ended. Sell it or you are going to lose.


Just HODL, and while you are Hoding, read an interesting story about the word HODL here.

We were not prepared for this massive drop. Going upto $42000 and falling as low as $28,000 hurts but as I write this, it has bounced a bit up.

A simple question. When you invested in Bitcoin, how long were you expecting yourself to hodl the position?

Most of you will say, FOREVER or LONG-TERM. If you are any of those than it should not worry you. We know how it works, it falls and then it goes up. Just keep a pile of cash aside and live life happily. Invest a bit while it's low and keep Hodling.

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Learning bit by bit about crypto.....

Will crypto survive?
Will crypto survive?

After touching the life long high of $40000. The crypto king. Bitcoin, fell down as much as 11% on Thursday. What does the future hold?

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