The Market is All Bears
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The Market is All Bears

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 29 May 2021

So, what the hell happened while I was on hiatus, anyway?

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Albert Einstein

Elon Musk is no more an investment advisor than myself; this much should be beyond evident now.  China’s loss; all they did was create another black market by making crypto illegal, though I feel for any Chinese nationals that have been impacted.  Historically speaking, this crash isn’t even that big of a deal and could lead to an even bigger bull run after this undecided market hits equilibrium, which is probable.  I saw many people take some serious hits financially, and I hope you are all doing well or are recovering.

Bitcoin (BTC) dipped down to $33,800 USD with little resistance a couple of days ago, and it is currently around $37,000 USD after a push early this morning.  Bitcoin was in a sideways/downward trend all morning Saturday and has repeated this dancing act over the last week, hopefully, the bulls are finally bringing in the cavalry.

As I put it, the market is all bears right now, and the alt market is taking a dramatic hit.  Ethereum (ETH) went down to $2,245 USD on Saturday.  Mining profits have dropped dramatically since the last BTC ATH (All-Time High), to a point where I could see it hurting scalper profits on GPU’s (Graphics Cards), a small silver lining.

I apologize to my followers for being away, but I have my reasons, all for progress.  I resigned from Cryptowriter about six weeks ago and will be an independent entity from now on; self-employment crypto taxes are not fun, but they are done.  I completed two perfect GPA terms at once, and now I am taking the summer and the fall off from university to focus on crypto, writing, blockchain, and personal brand development.

I do not plan on covering crypto news in the same manner anymore; instead, I will be writing more in-depth pieces, the kind people will want to come back to repeatedly, the kind that is driven by passion and not a quota for a contract.  I’m working on a new site for a new angle on writing; I won’t be writing crypto-only anymore.  I plan to tackle various topics, including the sciences, and to make that content available to the general public, free of charge.

Cryptocurrency is extremely resilient, and I fully believe we have a wicked recovery on its way, although subsequent drops shouldn’t deter people from this belief and are quite likely; I’ve been keeping most of my portfolio in USDT.  I love to run Ripple (XRP) for bot trading, and they’ve proven massive recovery from an SEC lawsuit already.  I'm currently about 70% in total recovery with XRP using a dual bot technique I will describe in a later article.

That aside, I hope you’ll enjoy the content that addresses how we can use blockchain to improve the world outside of currencies, as that is a direct focus of mine.  I’ve fully recovered from post-covid and plan to put a lot of thought into this subject and many others to aid in progress on a global scale.

If I learned anything in the last year, it’s to relax, and if you’re in the market, do not overinvest, learn to hold - and sometimes that means for quite a while.  I’ve had nothing but good experiences with KuCoin’s arbitrage bot trading, and success has boiled down to the most basic function of setting custom parameters along with a bit of patience - lately, a lot of patience; but the only thing stopping you from running new bots at lower prices is total capital, so profits have not stopped despite one bot being below parameters.

I will write an article detailing their bots more thoroughly as promised, and I have a CryptoPick article drafted for you, just waiting on one more meet with MrCryptoRisin, their CEO/Co-Founder.

CryptoPick has a great project that has expanded into the Polygon (MATIC) Opensea NFT network, which is operational.  Their site is much like Publish because it offers people the chance to earn their first crypto and become involved with the crypto world for free, a massive help in crypto mass adoption.  MATIC has been more and more attractive lately, especially with other NFT chains struggling.

Many projects are greedy and try to lure you in with trashy NFTs or other jargon; you should not have to pay a fee to know what everyone else already does and artists, as well as writers, should not be exploited for little to no pay by NFT shillers.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress; for now, we’ll have to roll with the punches in this bear market.  I don’t know about you, but I see many low buy-in prices that may go even lower, and that is far from unattractive... because no bear run ever lasts forever in crypto!

I am going to be entering future Publish contests.  I look forward to some healthy competition with my home base.  Shouts out to Igor Tomic, you helped me save my family during the darkest of times and I will never forget it.

As always, comments, suggestions, and friendly debates are highly encouraged.

Stay smart & Stay safe.

-Thomas Wolf

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I am not a certified financial, tax, or legal advisor, analyst, or planner.  The above information should not be considered advice but as an opinion intended to share information and ideas for entertainment and independent research purposes.  I am not responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to misinterpreting my personal opinions for professional advice.

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