CryptoPick - Best Predictions, The Name of The Game
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CryptoPick - Best Predictions, The Name of The Game

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 15 Jun 2021

CryptoPick is moving forward with a cocktail of new developments, taking the free-to-play, play-to-earn player vs. player platform in some fun new directions.

“Knowledge is telling the past.  Wisdom is predicting the future.” W. Timothy Garvey

Some of you may be familiar with CryptoPick; if not, it’s a crypto gaming platform for player vs. player predictions on market movements that reward in their native token, Pickies.  The Pickies can be used to enter tournaments where you can win Ethereum (ETH).  You can also use Pickies to purchase CryptoPick NFTs, which will soon have varying levels of voting power for the project's new DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), among other things.

Recently, CryptoPick introduced NFTs that operate on the Polygon (MATIC) network, and OpenSea, an extremely popular NFT shop for Ethereum based NFTs, has gone live on the MATIC chain which has substantially lower fees than Ethereum.  As a result, CryptoPick NFTs are now available on the largest NFT marketplace on the web in addition to the Venly (Formerly Arkane) marketplace.

I am not an enemy of Ethereum as some have suggested; however, I am an enemy of high fees that make dApps (Decentralized Applications) too expensive to use and too inefficient to operate.  Despite recently low gas fees in ETH due to the Bitcoin (BTC) crash, MATIC remains a superior and popular choice at this time for many dApps.  MATIC solved the gas fee problem for CryptoPick which is fortunate as accessibility is a huge component of the project.

Upon account creation, you will find that you have two wallets, one for Pickies and one for Ethereum.  The site is free-to-play so all can access and enjoy the games, but there are optional Picky & Ethereum price prediction player vs. player tournaments which yield potential for real profits to withdraw; though this is not required.

The games are interestingly challenging because you predict prices at certain times, rather than just daily highs and lows or up or down, and the profits seem to hide in the specifics.  I have some Pickies leftover and I’m going to try my luck with Bitcoin and Ethereum later today, I doubled my Pickies on my last two Picks going all-in and winning both, but the markets are a bit nuts right now and make predictions more interesting, to say the least.

You will find the UI (user interface) to be made with simplicity and functionality in mind; CryptoPick aims to make the experience extremely easy for users, without sacrificing important things like data on what other player’s “Picks” or timeline predictions are.  This way, there is transparency in the game, and nothing is being hidden from you.  CryptoPick is not akin to a casino; you are not playing against the house; you are entirely player vs. player.

There are other ways for the house to profit and ensure project longevity without robbing players through unnecessary and excessive fees to play.  CrytoPick’s so-called “competition” does not provide this information, keeping players in the dark.  The transparency gives players more overall confidence in the games they play, all while making the games more interactive and enjoyable.

CryptoPick’s DAO makes governance decisions on the project’s future, such as new games or settings to implement, new tournaments, and necessary tweaks to the tokenomics as the project evolves.  The more CryptoPick NFTs you own, the more voting power you will accumulate.  In addition to voting power within the DAO, you will also be able to unlock special content and obtain advantages through NFTs.

So, how does the game work?  Well, there are multiple options, the classic Up / Down in which you make determinations on what cryptocurrencies are about to pump or flop in a specific time period.  Additionally, you can do the Moon / Doom, which focuses on picking a specific currency that is going to pump or dump the most in the near future.  The games are very similar to futures trading in some contexts; take a look:

Up Down Game Example
The site is practically self-explanatory, making for very easy integration; no KYC or deposits are required.  That being said, these can be tricky games as there are timelines involved; I flopped my first predictions due to not factoring the times over the days themselves - so pay attention to timelines!

It’s a fun and easy way to participate in market movement action similar to futures with no risk involved using their native token, Pickies.  However, you can earn crypto assets from the platform by winning Pickies, purchasing NFTs, and selling them for profit via and

A temporary drawback is that in order for players to sell NFTs for profit on Opensea, a transfer is required from their Venly wallet to their MetaMask wallet, in order to use the Polygon (MATIC) marketplace.  This will be smoothed out for easier user functionality in the future, and you have the option to sell on both networks/marketplaces.

CryptoPick is community-driven and aims to provide a community experience with good morale and interaction.

I love this project for various reasons, but some things that have stood out to me are that there isn’t an ounce of shade on the project or the people running it with whom I have had the pleasure of speaking with several times.  CryptoPick has served as a way for countless people to be introduced to cryptocurrencies, helping to obtain their first crypto assets, make their first blockchain txn’s (transactions), and to get involved with crypto.

Being a huge supporter of crypto mass adoption, I love any site like CryptoPick or Publish that serves to enter new people into the market and the cryptosphere without costing them anything.  This role displays to me as a crucial pillar in succeeding mass adoption.  CryptoPick has emphasized that rewarding all players is part of their ultimate goal while keeping the games fun and easy to play.

Anyone can start with nothing and end up with a lot of assets due to these platforms, and it’s excellent practice for people interested in trading futures.  Platforms that serve this function are more than pure entertainment.  They offer opportunities, especially for people in less-developed countries that represent a moderate portion of the global population, which again is something you see a lot of here on Publish and in the CryptoPick community, and we welcome the diversity!

As always, comments, suggestions, and friendly debates are highly encouraged.

Stay smart & Stay safe.

-Thomas Wolf

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