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Digital artists are concerned. Why?

By Altered_Data | White Page Gallery/s | 27 Apr 2020

What's happening? There is a lot of concern among the digital artists online now that everyone is doing art online. We were here first. We are the true digital, the others are just pretending. Adapting. Surving. Experimenting. Appropriating. Or are they stealing? Come on! Online vs Offline? Seriously? Community, everyone is talking about community, the great digital art community. We all know, that as much as the offline art world is an elitist world, so it is the online. The digital art online world is made of tribes and tribes are made of hierachies and hierarchies are safeguarded by gatekeepers. So I believe It is not a matter of where and who. We all know and we should all stop pretending. The culture of the online world, and the rules to play by, are the same of the offline art world. There are exclusive tribes online as much as there are offline. The digital art world is full of gatekeepers. You got to climb to the higher circle and join the tribe on top and join those who counts, those who legitimate your digital art status. It is not a matter of offline nor online, it is a matter of mentality and offline and online we all share the same toxic culture. It is a matter of personal interests, not a matter of ideals (just sayin). We want to be community? Then stop being a tribe. Solidarity is the only way. It has always been, not just now that we have to support eachothers, oh dear, against the offline invasors. We do not own the online, stop claiming this authority, and we were not here first before everyone else. This is the internet, and there is enough space for everyone. As those who have moved to social media only now, we can explore other grounds, there is the deepweb, the darknet, the fediverse, you are netartists, you all should know by now that the web is just a tiny part of the internet. Of course, if your online game is social media vanity, well, I don't know what to say to you, deal with it. Where am I in all of this? Personal conclusions. Once someone influent from the online digital art world told me that I had to move to higher circles. But, I do not believe in higher circles, I am naive, I just believe in making a circle larger enough to fit more in, as many as possible, there is plenty of space and resources for everyone. I believe in equality, inclusivity, solidarity. I refuse vanity, hierachies and gatekeepers. I kind of was, and probably still am and I will probably always be a sort of outsider. Is there an outsider digital art scene? I like to claim it, please, make not of that, I invented it today. That's why I am personally not feeling the stress or pressure of the offline art world joining the online art world taking up space and attentions and clicks and likes and hearts, because the problems I am concerned about are still here and become more evident in those concerns and claims dressed with a veil of self-pity, stop it, and let's do something for real, stop performing the problems and let's act to solve those for real. I am concerned about you being concerned especially because probably when all of this will be over and everyone will go back to "their" places and roles, we will still have the same problems!   The quotes in the image are from The Eternal Network

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