Sustainability Requires Transparency

By CoachJT | Where are we? | 27 Mar 2021

Have you checked the labels on your food lately?  All of those little stamps claiming eco-friendly farms, fishing, honest labor, sustainable sources make a buyer feel impactful and righteous, right? I hear "sustainable" in food markets as much as I read YOLO in a #wsbets subreddit. I've spent my career in grocery retail, 15 plus years and have seen the explosion of logos littering labels like the tattooed arm a Hell's Angel biker.  At least I can ask the biker the story behind his marks. Did you know potato chips are often stamped gluten free?  Of course they are! They're potatoes, not wheat. That's like me pointing at the moon and telling you it's not the sun. Chip companies pay to have a certified gluten free stamp put on bags and pass the cost on to us consumers. How about certified organic?  Throw a couple bucks at my auditor to look the other way or mix my produce when no one is looking and the system is cheated.  This brings me to the transparency and traceability and the trust-less nature of blockchain. When we look at these logos as consumers, we have to trust their legitimacy.  I lack that kind of faith. What do we do? If we can take the concept of blockchain oversight by nodes vetting transactions to the regulatory bodies of our industries mining finite resources of this one earth, I believe we can begin to minimize the amount of collusion and corruption between producers, regulatory bodies and retailers.  Where's all the transparency for all of this sustainability? How exactly does that work?  I'm not smart enough to apply this little theory of hope but I can still hope.

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Where are we?
Where are we?

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