Is it profitable to invest in cryptocurrency?

By agisia11 | What's next for Bitcoin? | 31 May 2021

What to invest in depends entirely on who has the financial resources. This is a personal decision as well as choosing the cryptocurrency of your choice. There are many possibilities, and completely new coins are created every day. Before making a decision, it is worth finding out more about the purpose for which a given cryptocurrency was created.

Should you invest in Bitcoin?

There is no definite answer. It's a risky venture, but if you don't take the risk, you don't drink champagne. So it's worth considering whether to buy bitcoin or not. It is definitely worth buying when it is cheap and selling when it is expensive.

Other cryptocurrencies

Wondering what other cryptocurrencies to choose. It is worth considering those that are based on ETH as they have great potential. Same as the curious DOGE, although its rate rises and falls. Rumors say that a lot can be earned on what is included in ERC20.

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What's next for Bitcoin?
What's next for Bitcoin?

Many of us wonder if its rate will continue to decline. Will the price of this cryptocurrency start to rise? Opinions are divided, and that's okay. However, a lot depends on the conditions of the stock exchange and investors' behavior. If many people sell, the price goes down, and if they buy, the price goes up. For people who have large amounts of money to invest, their opinion counts. When they announce that they want to invest in Bitcoin, the price will start to rise. And when they say no, the price wi

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