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By QW | What shall we do with Bitcoin | 16 Aug 2019

Many people thoughts that big farm with many ASIC or GPUs are necessary for mining cryptocurrencies. I was believing that too. For last two years I am not yet.
I have found a CryptoTab browser what includes built-in Bitcoin mining algorithm. From users view its an ordinary internet browser like Chrome and its possible to use every extension written for Chrome in it. You can enhance CryptoTab with over 150 thousand of them.
One of most maked protests against mining is ratio between price of electricity and price of Bitcoin, which somewhere or sometimes maybe good or poor. But this problem concerns mining farms only, not CryptoTab browser. Why? Because it is an internet browser for your everyday activities, visit your favorite sites, watch movies online, listening music an so on. All of these activities are doing at computer which is turned on a consumes electricity. But if you are doing that with ordinary browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc. you have to pay for whole consumtioned electricity. When you are do that with CryptoTab you can get back some of pc-working expenses. How much it depends on Bitcoin price and mining power your device.
Using CryptoTab browser instead an other browser allows using your computer resources more effectively.

How to mine:

Step one.

Go to site https://get.cryptobrowser.site and there click to 'CRYPTOTAB' link. In this page click to 'DOWNLOAD' if you are using pc with Windows or to 'GET IT ON Google Play' if you are using a mobile device with Android or to 'GET IT ON App Store' if you are using an Apple device.




Step two.

Install CryptoTab on your device and login by your Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp/Telegram/Reddit/Pinterest/Flipboard/Tumblr/Viber/LinkedIn/VK/LINE account or by your email address. It isn´t necessary do it immediatelly but I can recommend do it as soon as possible because thanks to login Cryptotab will be able create your own account for your mining earnings.

Step three.

Get and install CryptoTab in so many devices as you can to increase your earnings. Keep the window of CryptoTab browser active because it utilizes processor resources more efficiently when the browser window is active. When you minimize CryptoTab Browser window, then open it again, you can see the mining speed was about 2 or 3 times lower for the first moment. That's due to the mining algorithm peculiarities and OS restrictions: CryptoTab just can't use PC resources with maximum effectiveness when the window is inactive. Your browsing activity is right way you can make more money.


Step four.

When you have got such an amount of Bitcoin what you want to have you can withdraw it to your wallet. In CryptoTab browser click on icons look like 'lll' and then click on 'WITHDRAW BTC'



There you have to insert address of your BTC wallet and withdrawed amount, minimum is 1000 Satoshi, it equals 0.00001 Bitcion. Now you fill the Captcha and click to 'WITHDRAW'



The CryptoTab comfirmed that your withdrawal request have been accepted. In this case I sent request to withdraw 0.00029272 BTC.



Step five.

A few hours later I checked my wallet. There is incoming payment of 0.00029272 BTC. You can see that there is no fee for blockchain transaction! Probably its due I am a miner too, but I don´t know it certainly.



Why are you still hesitating? Let join me and start your own passive income with CryptoTab browser.

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What shall we do with Bitcoin
What shall we do with Bitcoin

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