WHAT IS THE HAVING (12/5/2020)?

WHAT IS THE HAVING (12/5/2020)?


WHAT IS THE HAVING (12/5/2020)?

Halving in English means halving, meaning that for every 210,000 Bitcoin blocks that are born (about 4 years), the reward for mining from 1 new Bitcoin Block will be halved.

So the price increases? The difficulty level every 4 years will increase with each Healving period ...


  1. Increasing difficulty means that the cost is high, but it makes operators want to sell immediately to cover costs
  2. There is pump flow up to knock down called btc in the steering level
  3. Pump usdt up less than btc? according to binance and okex statistics
  4. Scenario for the price to go down before 1 week with btc and then increase strongly in period 1 or 2 days healving then collapse carpet because the shark will make the price collect
  5. 20k is the price we expect in 2021 with 24,000 usd / btc
  6. Consider buying and selling at breaking points of the resistance level o

====> In a nutshell, after Having the value of Bitcoin will increase, so buy it early to save it.

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WHAT IS THE HAVING (12/5/2020)?
WHAT IS THE HAVING (12/5/2020)?

The cryptocurrency market continues to be expected to reach a new record and gradually become a safe haven for investors, in the context of global uncertainty. The world of cryptocurrencies is still changing drastically. Despite the negative waves, there are many people who want to invest in an unpredictable asset.

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