Expert Name Announces Major Threat to Bitcoin in 2020

Speaking of disasters, Antonopoulos said a major electrical malfunction would definitely harm Bitcoin.
infrastructures, such as the internet or electricity grid, leading to a major electrical malfunction
In addition to Bitcoin's self-financing; decentralized user community, miners
Similarly, for mining equipment, according to the expert
can be dealt with quickly.
What could be the next biggest threat to Bitcoin apart from natural disasters
  pointed out that more than half of the population lives “totalitarian, dictator, or authoritarian, where“ opposing the government is a matter of life and death ”.
  The expert is particularly afraid of "insidious political attacks" such as changing the tax status of the cryptocurrency.304843e80ac1581315fc9f3b325b9bc73f2510aa1c3e2e5fb1ecb249575f37e9.jpeg

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What happens if governments reach out to Bitcoin
What happens if governments reach out to Bitcoin

According to price information compiled by Bloomberg, Bitcoin fell 2.4 percent to $ 9,359 on Wednesday, from 17:00 to 7:00 CET on New York time. Sudden short-term price fall can often be attributed to five main factors: He also added that even if he had 51% attack, Bitcoin would probably survive, because bad actors don't have much to do during the attack. They cannot steal people's money, change consensus rules, or validate invalid transactions. Speaking of disasters, Antonopoulos said that a major electr

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