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Honeygain Passive Income to PayPal...

By alafred | wemakeit | 20 Jan 2021

Honeygain is the first-ever app that helps its users make money online by sharing their internet connection. People can now reach their unused data plans full potential and not leave any unused data behind! It’s a really passive income - effortlessly!

I have set up the honeygain account and start to install the clients on multiple devices, my 2 Windows desktop, 2 Android devices.

Honeygain Dashboard

Windows desktop will be able to contribute more data to Honeygain, because it comes with the Content delivery.

Android device will depend on your processing power and the speed of Wifi, that means the latest mobiles will be able to contribute more data to Honeygain.

Honeygain devices

* The new Honey Jar Winning is another boost to the data contribution, it randomly give you the bonus daily.

Daily Honey jar

Open honey jar

You can cash out the money once your contribute balance reaches 20,000 = $20, and there will be $1 fee when cashing out to your Paypal.

If you like this sharing, feel free to create a new account with my referral link,

Thanks for your support.




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