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By Cadds | Welcome to my world | 1 Sep 2020

So a little about me....  I am a jack of all trades, and master of none.  I have interests in everything.  I love crafting, reptiles and cryptocurrency.  I work in IT and have for 20 years.  I know enough to get myself in trouble and constantly be asked how to fix something or write an application for something.  I am currently in databases.... I hardly have command of the English language and you want me to code?  Crazy people.  

Let's start with reptiles.  I love those scaly little creatures.  I have been raising reptiles for 30 years.  I raise, breed and love all reptiles (NOTE: This does NOT include spiders).  My first snake was a red-tail boa.  I raised her until I joined the military.  Cried having to give her up but at least I know she went to a good home.  The guy that took her was a close friend that also raised snakes.  He still has her.  After the military I started raising and breeding snakes and lizards.  I successfully breed over 1000 snakes and lizards.  I had to quit again for a while due to personal reasons and just picked back up.  I plan on breeding again in 2 years max.

Moving on to crafting.  I got a love of crafts from my grandpa.  He used to doodle in everything from wood to metal to cars.  I like to work with wood and have built all sorts of things, some good, some horribly bad.  I love creating chainmaille (the old medieval armor type, not the chain letter type).  I am fairly decent with that.  I have been doing it for about 20 years now.  I try to do most by hand but as I make a lot of jewelry I have to cheat and use a power saw to cut links.  If I see a picture of a piece I can usually recreate it without much difficulty.

Now for my current interest.... Cryptocurrency (after all this website is about that very subject no?).  I got into crypto last year.  I have a friend that kept talking to me about it as far back as 2017.  I had heard about Bitcoin back in 2009/2010 timeframe but never thought it would catch on.  Oh foolish me!  Anyway, I don't much get into the buying aspect of crypto, but I do like to mine it.  I currently have a small set up of an s9 antminer and 4 USB sticks running.  I had a little 1th/s pod but it burned out twice in less than 6 months so I dropped it.  I also mine using CPU, GPU and on my phone.  I know, these are not effective ways to earn but I enjoy it and get a small reward.  I really like the technology behind crypto though.  That is where my interest lies.  I really want to learn how to create/maintain blockchain just to understand it better.  I do try to keep up with latest developments that different blockchains are working on.  I can see so much good happening with this that I know it is the future.  I talk to my friends at work and a lot of them are skeptical but I just go right on.  I try to show them the good.  It frustrates me that recently (again) they are talking about the terrorist groups that use blockchain.  Well duh!  They use cash also but we don't try to stop printing cash because of it right?  It goes to reason that something as prolific as crypto is going to attract bad actors.  I can bet that they invest in stock also!  They may be deplorable, but that doesn't mean they are ignorant.  

Well thanks for stopping by and reading this.  I know, I am not all technical and intelligent like a lot of the people that write on here, but I like to write (it is a craft, which as mentioned above I like).  So I thought maybe people would like to see an opinion from one that will willing claim that my "knowledge" comes simply from observing things and making my own inferences and interpretations of what I observe.  Oh, my degree is in psychology so I am really good at observing. 

Check back in from time to time if you are interested in anything.  Leave comments and I will look into answering if I feel like it. :)  I do take requests on subjects to write about also.  If I can't answer with fact I can make a lot of BS look really shiny!

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Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world

This is my view on things. I like to ramble and my thoughts run rampant. I try to write them down so they are coherent. They don't change often but sometimes after I write things down I start to see an opposite view. Here is where I will debate with myself on what I am thinking (Read argue with myself). I welcome you to read and throw in your two cents. I will never tell you how wrong you obviously are, as long as you don't point out how stupid I am.

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