How to start with Crypto without investment and no KYC required
How to start with Crypto without investment and no KYC required

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 11 Jan 2020

There are people that are just learning about crypto. They want in, but they don't know where to start. This article is for them.

I will try to summarize the known to me methods of storing and earning crypto without the need of KYC(know your customer) verification, credit card. For those methods you will need only electricity, PC, smartphone, internet connection, e-mail address and may be a phone number(to receive an SMS to confirm your registration). Any method that requires you to use KYC(provide personal data, such as ID card, passport or utility bills), credit card is disqualified.

Disclaimer:I will be providing links, both referral and not. So whoever wants to join my network can do it.

First and most important thing is the Wallets where you will be storing your assets.


a) By far, my favorite wallet so far is Atomic Wallet. It does not require KYC and it is available for pretty much any platform that your heart my desire:351665157-8d8fa3aa9fc775d52665503f906689dc01643152d6aca86830f54539aef41855.png

It offers storage for multiple coins and tokens and it allows you to hold the Private keys. It is very user friendly and offers additional services such as internal Exchange and Staking for multiple different coins. There is tons of information on the AW website that can help you understand cryptocurrency better. Their support is also great - I can vouch for that, twice I got issues and questions, both times all was dealt in matter of under an hour.

b) Another wallet that I like is Coinomi. Again it is available on nearly all possible platforms and offers tons of supported coins. You again can save the Private Keys. Very good support and tons of features. 


The only reason I prefer Atomic wallet over Coinomi is that I like more the user friendliness and the Interface. For some of the free methods to acquire crypto assets you might need additional wallets, but this guys is something you will find out in time is pretty similar. What you experienced already with AW and Coinomi. 

Ways to Earn Crypto without investment

After we covered the wallet "department" let's check several ways to get more crypto assets in those wallets and I'd like to start with this:


1) Join Publish0x if you already didn't. Here you can tip authors while you keep percentage of the tip for yourself. The rewards are usually in BAT, DAI or Hydro. All those are ERC-20 tokens and can be stored easily in Atomic Wallet or Coinomi. Additionally you can start blog here and share your experience in any particular field you might want to. There is no limitation what you can write about and the chances out of 30 000 and growing community you will find plenty of readers. You can join Publish0x under my link here. Or directly to

There are also other similar communities, which your can join and do pretty much the same, but you will have to research them on your own - Steemit, Uptrend, Flote...



2) Start participating in Airdrops and crypto giveaways. You can find information about them on sites like All the requirements are usually explained in the articles about each separate Airdrop. There are plenty other websites and such mobile apps, you just need to research them yourself. Additionally I would suggest you to join Twitter and follow large Crypto entities' accounts - such as Exchanges, Networks, News websites, Crypto influencers and so on. Another place where you can find more information about happening Airdrops and Giveaway is Reddit - where you will have to research and find subreddits connected to crypto. Usually every currency, company has it's own board where you can learn the news related to it or ask questions if you have any. Just to give you an idea what kind of money you can earn from this kind of endeavors - I got last year the amount of 110 NRG coins(over $120 at the time), over 1000 XLM coins from 3 different airdrops and some others. Also, you should be careful, when choosing to participate in an airdrop to be sure that this is entity it claims to be that is giving the coins. And never ever get into schemes that require you to send some COINS/tokens first to get a reward - this is not how Airdrops work. Sometimes there are Airdrops that are specifically for holders of a certain coin. I recently wrote an articles about this here and here.

Disclaimer: Some Airdrops and Giveaways might ask for KYC and if you do not want to provide personal information you will just have to skip them.

3) Use your PC/laptop/Smartphone for mining. I highly suggest you guys check my article CPU mining - 2020. My take on it.


By far the easiest way to start is with CryptoTab browser which is based on Chromium and have all the benefits of Google Chrome Browser, plus one additional benefit -> mines Bitcoin with the power of your CPU for you which you can easily withdraw to any Bitcoin wallet. Anyway, more information you can find in the article. If you do not feel like joining my mining network you can join here:


4) Start using different Faucets. Those are websites that reward you for claiming every once in a while with crypto reward - in different currencies. Usually it is a very small amount and not all of those are legit. However there is plenty of information here on Publish0x what's Legit and what's not. In the past I have used Coinpot and I know it to be paying. With enough dedication you can be getting amounts of about 50-100 dogecoins/day only by claiming on their websites. There are referral programs that can increase your earnings.


5) Get paid in Ethereum for your pictures from Microwork App on Android and on iOS. It is literally that simple, there are tasks to take pictures of different objects and you go around and shoot. Each photo is $0.05 in ETH. Once you collect $1 you can withdraw.


6) Watch adds for crypto on websites like Literally you register and open websites that paid for adds and look at them for few seconds.

There are multiple networks that offer such service, but you will need to research for other by yourselves. My referral link is here. Or you can join directly on

7) Take a look at my article about Earning crypto with your Smartphone here. From the described methods there only Electroneum requires KYC.

All the rest are free to use and do not require additional authentication.


8) Start using Brave Browser and enable the watch adds feature. It is available on all platforms. Even recently Apple recommended Brave(that was a surprise). There are tons of articles here on Publish0x that explain the benefits of Brave so I will not go too deep on that. Additionally this is the Publish0x' recommended browser.


9) Start using Presearch as search engine. Presearch is an Chrome/Brave/CryptoTab compatible add-on that pays your for each google search you make up to 24 times/day. That equals of 8 PRE tokens. This is my referral link where you can join me. Or you can go directly to

10) Find a job that pays in crypto. Several websites that offer such opportunities are:

All of those are completely legit and you can make a living from some of those opportunities. Of course, some of them will require to provide more information about yourself, but you might consider this as a next step.

Exchanges - place where you can convert your earnings to assets you want to hold

There are multiple places where you can trade crypto without Providing your details, but I will point few.

Changelly - My link. Or

SimpleSwap -

Shapeshift -

There are plenty others that you can find here:

Some of them require KYC, some don't. Do your research guys.



This is an important topic guys, because this could bring you additional benefits from coins that you already have or acquire by trading others for them.

You can stake both on Atomic and Coinomi wallets.


Additionally there are options to stake on some exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin, but those require KYC.


At this point, this is from me. I hope you find this useful. And if anyone has particular questions about request for a specific crypto related article please feel free to ask in the comments bellow.



I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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