By Dulo Wegner | Wegner Blog | 24 Mar 2022

What can be greater than having insiders insight and getting special invites to NFT auctions? What beats having exclusive rights to get your voice heard? Absolutely nothing comes close.
The NFT space is currently plagued with a lot of scam projects, many of them rug pulling on investors, and the projects having no real value. It is not uncommon to see people cry bitterly of NFT projects they invested in going to smokes.
Don’t blame the investors; blame the project developers and the brain behind these projects. It isn’t fair that people get cheated of their monies. But that’s just how the world works.
The increasing number of fake projects on the NFT space doesn’t negate the work that other people are doing. If anything, it’s worth amplifying the works of other genuine projects that are committed to seeing their investors and enthusiasts benefit from them.
And one of such projects is the LITTLE ANDY PROJECT.

The project has allowed many people to get into the NFT space and experience the brilliance of Little Andy and the different characters on the project. One of the amazing benefits of being a part of the LITTLE ANDY Project are the exclusive rights you get, and the privileges you enjoy when you possess any of the game cards.
I know that sounds tempting, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The ASH GAME NFTS allow you fully participate in winning any of the awesome characters in the LITTLE ANDY PROJECT – and not forget the financial benefits you get when your character becomes valuable in the ASH Game. Now, here comes the exciting part: When you possess the Little ANDY GOLD CARD, you are entitled (yes, that’s the word: entitled) to a special NFT.

Those NFT enthusiasts and investors who also moved in early to buy ASH PACKS also get a special NFT from the team at LITTLE ANDY NFT.
So, what is the use of getting this special NFT? What does it do? What does it even change?
It changes a lot!

The NFT space isn’t just about having a work of art and laying ownership of that art piece.
Yes, NFTs are way beyond that. But even more, NFTs are the epitome of the incredible and democratized power of Decentralization. The Special NFT you receive when you own the LITTLE ANDY GOLD CARD gives you the power to have your voice heard, your opinions respected. Because of the decentralization of LITTLE ANDY PROJECT, NFT owners are powerful and can make certain decisions, if the other NFT holders agree.
So, although DAO isn’t, particularly what’s done here, the project gives your decision-making powers, to some extent, and helps you amplify your voice should you have things you want to air.
Finally, the LITTLE ANDY PROJECT is here to give meaning to the word BRILLIANT AND INCLUSIVE.


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