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By MicaR | Webmaster Talks | 28 Dec 2023

A webmaster is a generic term used for a person who creates, manages, develops, designs, and runs a website as a hobby or a profession. This is not only a highly skilled job but also high paying job, therefore, you can make a lot of money as a webmaster.

How Can You Make Money as a Webmaster

Here are some popular methods to make money as a webmaster.

Build websites for clients: You can design and develop websites for others. You can find jobs on freelance marketplace.  Depending on the kinds of website you build, you can easily earn $300-$1000 per project.

Run and manage websites: As a webmaster, you can run websites. You can monetize the website through ads or sell products. Running ads is probably the easiest method to earn from a website, there are multiple options available, from adsense and amazon affiliate ads selling ad space through buy sell ads. Selling products is another way to make money from your website. You can sell digital products and services as well as physical products. You can even integrate third party services to create dropshipping as well as print on demand store. If your website has a high traffic, you can earn really well through ads as well as product sales.

Sell website: You can design and develop websites and sell your websites on website marketplaces.

Sell turnkey websites: Turnkey websites are premade websites that are ready to be installed on client’s servers. You can make and sell turnkey websites.

Skills Needed to Become a Successful Webmaster

Being a webmaster is a profitable career. If you want to make money as a webmaster, you also need relevant skills. So, what kind skills do you need? Here are the most essential skills you need to build a career as a webmaster:

Web design and development skills: As a webmaster you are required to design and develop websites. In order to design and develop websites, you need programming skills. You can also become a webmaster without programming skill if you know how to use Content Management Systems to design and develop websites. CMS will allow you to build websites without having to write codes.

Content creation: Webmaster job is not only related to creating website but also content creation. A website is just a bare bone without content and webmaster is required to publish content on his website. If you do not know you might hire content creator for your website but content creation skills are considered essential for a webmaster.

SEO and digital marketing: Creating a website and publishing content are just the first step of webmaster’s job the second step, and in fact more important job, is to build traffic. Without having traffic on  your website, it is not possible to generate income if you are running websites. Your website can generate income only when you have done SEO and digital marketing.

Creating Blogs to Make Money as a Webmaster

Blogging is one of the easiest ways and of course the best ways to make money online. However, the most important question to be addressed is can you actually make money as a full time blogger.

The answer is YES!

Now, you might be asking HOW?

Well, you might not be able to make a lot of money just from your blog, but as a blogger you can actually make a lot of money.

For instance, you can create a course on blogging and make a lot of money by selling this course. You can create a service to help other bloggers and can make a lot of money by selling this service.  Likewise, you can write and publish books and ebooks on variety of topics from writing tips, blogging tips to SEO and marketing.

Make Money By Creating User Generated Content Site

User Generated Content means content created by common users. User Generated Content sites are the sites where common users post content. Facebook is a user generated content site, Facebook does not create its own content, users do it for them. Youtube is also user generated content site and they also do not create their own content.

Google and Meta are making a lot of money from their user generate content sites. While you may not have the skills and resources to create content sites like facebook or youtube, but you can still make money from user generated content site like forums and article sites.

In order to do this, you need some basic knowledge on website creation, website marketing and SEO, and monetization.

Forum or article sites can make you a good amount of money if you have a lot of users who regularly post content and if you get a lot of traffic. You might have to give rewards to the users to encourage posting, though.

Making Money as a Webmaster

Webmaster is someone who builds, manages, and runs websites. If you have created a blog, a forum, an online store, or any kind of website, if you are running or managing a website, you are a webmaster. There is a lot of potential tom make money on this niche.

One of the easiest ways to make money as a webmaster is by offering your services through freelancer sites. You can build websites for other people and make money.

You can also sell the websites you have created or websites you are running. There are numerous platforms where you can sell websites.

One simple method to make money as a webmaster is by running ads on your websites. You can monetize your websites through network ads and affiliate ads to make money.

What skills do you need?

You need website creation skills. If you have programming skills, that’s fine, but even when you don’t have coding skills you can build websites through content management systems.

How to Use WordPress to Build Social Sites and Online Communities

Wordpress has two versions, one is and another one is Do you know what is the primary difference between these two?

Well, is a content management system. By using this version of wordpress you will be creating your own self-hosted site. is a blogging platform with two options, free and paid.

If you are new, what should you use? is completely free, however, in order to build a site you need a domain and hosting and you need money for that purpose.

If you want to start a website with a paid version of, you will have to pay at least $4 per month, which is very expensive for a newbie.

The best way to build a site for a newbie is by using the free version of You will be able to build a website with wordpress subdomain. Once you build skills related to website management and monetization, you can easily switch to paid version of wordpress or even use

Four Ways to Create a Website With Wordpress

Wordpress is a content management system as well as blogging platform. You can create websites on wordpress in four different ways.

Free blogs: You can use wordpress to create free blogs. However, you will have to use a wordpress subdomain site. Interestingly, you can run amazon ads on your free wordpress blogs and make money.

Paid wordpress sites: if you do not want to use free wordpress site, you can choose the premium service. The proce starts form $4 per month and for this price you a custom domain website (you get a free domain for the first year if you pay 1 year fees ion advance).

Wordpress managed hosting: Some web hosting companies provide wordpress managed hostintg. This package will allow you to run wordpress site without you having to install and develop the site.

Building wordpress site locally: You can also build wordpress site by downloading wordpress on your computer and building website locally.

Building live wordpress site: If you have hosting package, you can install wordpress on your server and start building website.

How to Create Social Media Site on Wordpress

Wordpress is very powerful website building tool. You can use wordpress to create all sorts of sites, for example, blogs, business websites, forums, online stores, even social networking site. If you want to create your own social networking site without spending a lot of money on a developer or tools, you should definitely try this option.

In order to create a social media site on WordPress, you will have to use appropriate plugins and themes. Here are the easy to follow steps.

1.      On your wordpress site, install and activate a plugin called BuddyPress. When you use this plugin, your simple wordpress site will be converted into a social media site. As a user, you will be able to user profiles, groups, and activity streams, etc. Just like on Facebook, you can become friends, post on feed, send private message, etc.

2.      You should also choose a theme that is compatible with BuddyPress plugin. Customize your theme and plugin to fit your needs like user registration, profile fields, etc.

3.      You can also install additional plugins and add more functionality to your site.

4.      In order to create a better looking social site, you will also need to create and customize various pages like homepage, user profiles, and groups.

Your site will become successful only when you get people to sign up and use your site.

How to Create an Online Community on Wordpress

In order to create a forum you will have to use forum scripts like xenforo or SMF. Xenforo is paid script where as SMF is free. There are also numerous other paid and free options as well. However, these scripts are someone difficult to use if you are trying to create a forum for thje first time. Therefore, using wordpress to create a forum can be an easy solution. In order to create a forum on WordPress, you can use a plugin such as bbPress, BuddyPress, wpforo, etc.. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Choose a forum plugin, install and then activate it on your WordPress site.

  2. You need to create a page where you want to display your forum. You can customize it as home page display.

  3. Add the plugin's shortcode or widget into the page.

  4. Customize your forum according to your needs.

  5. Create forums and sub forums, if you already have staff, add them ad moderator or secondary admin.

  6. Promote your forum on other forums. Web master forums are the best platforms to promote your forum. If needed have a paid poster to create your first posts.

You must be aware that these are the basic steps to create a forum on wordpres. What you need to do might differ according to the forum plugin you are using.

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