How to Use WordPress to Make Money Online

By MicaR | Webmaster Talks | 22 Dec 2023

WordPress is a Blogging Platform as well as Content Management System. You can use WordPress to create a free blog, if you do not like free blog, you can buy their premium plan and create a blog or a website with your own domain. However, as a Content Management System, it is an open source program, which means you do not have to pay money. You will have to spend money on a domain and hosting to use WordPress as a Content Management System for your website.

You can use wordpress to make money online without being a web designer and web developer. You can create different kinds of website by using wordpress and you can make money from your websites. The most basic website you can create on wordpress is a blog. You can run adsense or amazon ads to make money from your blog. You can also use wordpress to create forums. You can run ads or membership on your forum to make money. You can use wordpress to build digital download websites and you can sell digital products from your wordpress website to make money. You can use wordpress to create print-on-demand store or dropshipping store, or even inventory-based online marketplace and make money by selling products. In order to use wordpress to build websites, you need a domain and hosting, you need money to buy a domain and hosting. You can also use wordpress premium membership

In this post, I am sharing some of the common ways to use WordPress Content Management System to make money.


Blog: WordPress is the most common platform to create a blog. When you create your blog, you can monetize your blog to make money. You can use Adsense, Amazon, or other ads, as well as use your blog to sell your own products and services.

Forum: You can create online communities by using WordPress. You can monetize your community through subscription and membership, selling ad space, selling merch or running ads.

Social Networking Sites: WordPress comes with enhanced capabilities for creating social networking site. Once your site starts growing, you can run ads to make money.

Question and Answer Site: You can create a question and answer site on WordPress. You can make money through subscriptions or content monetization.

Portfolio Website: You can create a portfolio website and offer your freelancing services, or other services to make money.

Online Store: You can create online stores on WordPress and make money by selling physical and digital products.

What Kinds of Online Stores You Can Build on WordPress

You can create different kinds of online stores on WordPress. You can not only create a single user store but also multi vendor store.

Digital Store: You can use Easy Digital Download plugin to create a digital store on your WordPress website. You make money every time someone pays to download your products.

Inventory Based Store: You can create inventory based online store on WordPress. There are a lot of ecommerce plugins to create and manage your store. Some of the popular options are Woocommerce, Dokan (for creating multi vendor marketplace), Paid Membership Plugin (for selling subscriptions and digital products), etc.

Print-On-demand Store: You can use Woocommerce on your WordPress site and integrate with Printfy or Printful to create Print-On-demand store.

Dropshipping Store: You can easily create dropshipoping business with WordPress. There are multiple plugins to create a dropshipping store and sell products without manufacturing or products and fulfilling orders.

Best Way to Earn From Wordpress

Wordpress is a Content Management System and Blogging Platform cum website builder. If you want to use wordpress as content management system, you need a domain and hosting to build website. If you want to use wordpress as blogging platform or website builder, you need to pay for subscription. You can also use for free but free wordpress website does not allow you to earn.

If you have wordpress powered website, you can earn through multiple methods

Blog: You can create blog with wordpress and make money from adsense, clickbank, amazon ads.

Forums: You can also create forums on wordpress by using forum plugin. You can run ads on forums and make money.

Print-On-Demand: You can add woocommerce plugin on wordpress and integrate with printify or printful.

Dropshipping: You can use free or paid dropshipping plugin on wordpress website to create dropshipping store.

Online store: You can use woocommerce to create an online store to sell physical or digital products.

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