$SONIC “quickly” becoming the most likely to 100x this week

I interviewed the  dev for $SONIC this Thursday morning, after apeing in my fair share of degeneracy. I liked most how they said they would do buybacks only with the marketing wallet, that’s so refreshing!


This is what he said:


Here’s the Explanation of our idea:


As mentioned earlier, we are all tired of projects that take the marketing funds and run, or just use it to pay callers to pump their marketing profits even higher!


$SONIC's Idea:


The profits that get accumulated by taxes, in our marketing wallet, will be completely used to boost the project and benefit our holders!


The first idea is to use the funds to do buybacks and pair the tokens we buy with remaining ETH in our marketing wallet.

The first goal is to reach $1 Million in LP, together!

The buybacks will contribute to a healthy chart as well.


After multiple injections into LP, we will do polls with the community, about what should be the next thing we should invest the funds in. ( callers, contests, rewards...)


At the start, we need full support from our community, to spread the word.

We will use our connections to try to attract big Twitter names, to support us and help us push the idea.


We are all tired of projects running away with the marketing money, and so are investors.


Let The Race Begin! ⚡”


 Mi absolutely LOVE IT!


check them out at sonicerc.net   Or join their telegram here

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