CryptoPop - Earn free Ethereum

CryptoPop - Earn free Ethereum

CryptoPop is a game available on Google play (link:

opening screen    

It is a free to play mobile game where you simply try to clear the board of all the circular crypto icons by tapping on them when they are grouped together. The more coins you manage to group together, the more points you get. You need a certain amount of points to go to the next level. There are ads for each level you play. You will earn Gwei once you finish a game. Each 100 points will earn you 1 Gwei.

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To withdraw Ethereum, you must enter your Coinbase email. The Gwei can then be claimed and it will become ETH when it reaches your Coinbase wallet. There is no minimum withdrawal required but you can only withdraw a maximum of 50000 Gwei. Withdrawal can only be done every 3 days, regardless of the amount you withdraw.


They also have a referral program where you can produce a referral link (mine is: and earn an extra percent Gwei (0.01% extra per person referred up to a maximum of 40%) . 

In my opinion, the amount of crypto you earn is good and the game is quite fun at no cost to you. Have fun playing and don't forget to tip :)

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