My Crypto Adventure...

By waynevincent | wayne | 1 Sep 2020

Way back 2016, when i first heard about Bitcoin (BTC). It was priced at 10,000 USD per coin that was around 500,000 PHP. I was into using faucets where i earned a little amount of satoshi. It was then that gives a decent amount of satoshi every 30 minutes. Then came the time where i bumped into a site where gambling thru crypto is possible and that was or we simply call as (FH). My hard earned satoshis from faucets were sent directly to faucethub's micro wallet which i use for gambling purposes. It was then where I experienced to lose all my hard earned satoshi from faucets. To bad i was so addicted to gambling (DICE) which was named RAMBO, luckily i managed to asked some strategies from the hardcore gamblers which gave me chance to defeat RAMBO most of the time (hahaha). Also there was a rain system in Faucethub, wherein there are some hardcore gamblers that share their blessings. I decided not to play DICE anymore, instead i saved all my hard earned satoshi from faucets and some satoshi from rain catch and keep it. The biggest tip that i had ever managed to receive from a hardcore gambler is at 0.01 BTC (to bad all are gone), but then again all server glory of faucethub came to an end, i stopped gambling for some months and boom, i was then introduced to another gambling site (which now also closed).

My journey in crypto world was mainly focused in gambling and rain catching, and i am happy with the results.. But gone were the days where gambling is profitable. Now, I don't have any crypto at hand... 

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