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Welcome to the world of WarhandsNFT where you can present your military strategies! A vast and immersive gaming platform where players can get rewarded by fighting and going against each other. Engage in military battles against others from around the world to improve your rating and rise in the ranks of the game. Your battles are done in real-time, with tactics and strategy necessary for victory. Prepare your forces before your matches against your opponents and use your wits and armies to fight to win whichever way you think is best!


You can acquire cards to develop a personalized group filled with your infantry troops, different types of tanks and other machinery that greatly aid you in battle, and even an air force division to drop bombs and coordinate attacks from the sky. These battle cards make your strategy before battle and tactics during battle more manoeuvrable as they provide you with more options as you engage with a litany of other players who wish to bring you down. Furthermore, the number of exciting modes in the game allows for variety in your gaming experience as you grow your team to both fight in massive real-time battles and earn digital assets in the form of NFTs.


In addition to this, you can create brand new arenas that have realistic surroundings, features, and landscapes. As one would expect, these landscapes have an impact on the tide of battle as several kinds of artillery are more favourable in certain areas. In WarhandsNFT, you can change the movement of your soldiers or machinery - whether they be tanks, jets, or other artillery you have in your possession - to adapt to changes in the battle and casualties on your end or their end. In the heat of the shots and screams, dissolving the fog of war and attacking your enemy has never been more satisfying!


WarhandsNFT allows players to get into the well-known and good mechanics of Clash Royale as a Mobile Online Battle Arena in which you can fight in real-time with collectable cards. The game is built on several combats with the goal of the game being to destroy the base of your enemy using chosen cards on a deck. In WarhandsNFT, there are usually two sides and you must have at least eight cards when the fight begins. This incredible online military-based game is backed by the decentralized blockchain network, with players being able to create collections and decks of NFTs. 


Each nonfungible token has its special design, functionality in battle, skills, and attributes. Knowing that each battle is unique, it is important to keep in mind that the NFT generals and items possess various effects and some that might be more beneficial than others depending on the circumstances in the battle. Adding to that is the presence of rarity in all of the NFTs collectables you will use in the game to win your battles; the game lets you get silver cards that can be used in tournaments to win golden NFT cards with big discounts or for free. In WarhandsNFT, there are four tiers of rarity namely: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. 


After developing your deck of eight cars and a single general, you will have the capacity to execute them in the tournaments in exchange for WGLD tokens. 

You might also decide to sell the NFTs you gained to other players by heading over to the game marketplace. WathandsNFT is a free-to-play game, so you can begin your journey to becoming a great, strategic military gamer without starting with any cash.

Core Loop


The Core Loop has to do with the battles and handling of your deck of cards. The player engages in fights using their military arsenal, they also earn resources that they have acquired to enhance the capabilities of their military, and then uses their now-improved team to battle their enemies in the arena with wonderful landscapes. 

This cycle happens again after you earn more resources from your improved team. 

Battles of Union Combats in F2P

Players that wish to be a part of the Battles of Union need to create or join a Union. When in a Union, players can communicate with the Allies, share cards, and fight in friendly battles and Union Wars among Union members. This fosters a communal feeling while playing the game where you can grow with people on the same team as you who can help you and you can help.

PvP Mode


PvP Mode involves the battles you have with other players. You will play as part of the Alliance in these massive PvP battles.



There are other Events you can also engage in that are very rewarding and enjoyable. Passing through the Alps is a large operation in which you are required to perform a couple of tasks successfully. Death Time is a survival mode event as part of the game where you must last in the battle for as long as you can while warding off attacks from the opposition. Bets are the third Event and in this mode, you’re to make bets with the possibility of winning twice what you bet if it wins.


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Warhands NFT
Warhands NFT

WarHands:NFT is a free-to-play Play2Earn clash battle strategy.

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Warhands NFT Blog

WarHands: NFT is a free-to-play #Play2Earn clash battle strategy. Join our community!

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