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By Wandera Abel | Wandera-Abel. | 14 Aug 2020


Since most of my adult life has been spent in Africa particularly Uganda, a country in Eastern part of Africa. I have witnessed approximately four presidential elections being organized after every five years and therefore I understand the in and out of electoral process in this country.

I have come to conclude that Bad leaders are in most times elected into office because of Bad voters! The quality of our voters in this country and continent is really wanting! civic educators have a great deal of work to sensitize voters to value and respect their votes. Here below, I try to explain the type of voters we have:

1. Excitement voters. These one's vote people out of excitement! This is reason why political rallies these days are more of musical concerts. These ones vote Whoever provides the best entertainment.

2. Business voters! These one's sell their votes to who ever gives them material or financial gain. They are bribed with money and items like cooking oil, soap, match-boxes, sugar, bread, radios, DVD players and other items. Normally given these items a night to elections.

3. Sectarian voters. These one's vote people through sectarian eye glasses. They vote according to tribe, religion, ethnicity or political parties.

4. Issue based voters. These ones are very critical and analytical of Politicians. They will only vote for those whom they percieve to provide better leadership and skills. They are blind to sect. These make better use of their vote unfortunately they are the list in every crowd.

In a country like Uganda with 70% people below ages 30. With high ilitracy levels, you have to seriously study and understand how people vote you are to impact lives of the masses in any way.

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